Bipolar Roundup 4

This blog really struck me, so many people with bipolar who are out there being so honest about what they experience, and I don’t seem to be able to. Please click “View Original” to read the rest of the blog (note that there are links to read complete articles), and get a chuckle from the attached comic … My comments will follow …


Bipolar Hip Hop:
Scarface – Born Killer
Krizz Kaliko – Bipolar
Jitta on the Track – Bipolar
GabeDay – Green Auras

More bipolar brain damage:
Patients with bipolar disorder have significant dendritic spine loss in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), postmortem findings show. more

Interview with Juliann Garey:
There are days when I wish that I had access to that depth of emotion, and there are times when I’m terrified that I will again have access to that depth of emotion. more

What Desjarlais’ account suggests is that being diagnosed as insane or schizophrenic or some other medical condition can, through a process that is as much sociological and economic as it is medical, lead a person to become homeless. In the process, the day-to-day reality of the individual becomes increasingly slippery, increasingly challenging — for a mentally ill individual, this transition might make recovery virtually impossible as they…

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4 thoughts on “Bipolar Roundup 4

  1. kbailey374 Post author

    Did you click to read the rest of the blog, and see the comic?

    Here are the comments I wrote after reading the blog:


    Yes the comic .. I bet that is true of many of us.

    As to brain “injury” (perhaps) due to bipolar, I definitely have some cognitive deficits I did not have before. Realizing this moment by moment (ie, “There it is again!”) leads me to these mini-panics through which I can’t work at a job anymore, it seems. Is it the bipolar? Is it the medicatation/medications?

    I am seeing my shrink next week and asking for some neuroassessment/screening/ memory testing, but ever since I decided to do that, my mind seems “fine” lol…

    Hate this …

    Thank you for being real. I am so upset that I can’t be honest and just write this stuff. Almost like a fear that the more real I am, the more alone I will be … and I’m already pretty alone, “accidentally on purpose.”

    (and then I dared myself to post this comment, lol)


  2. blackboxnurse

    KB, I know exactly what you mean about those mini-panic attacks. During one of my, ‘I can handle this (disorder) myself, I tried my very very best to continue working. After all, I was much too young to throw in the great white flag, yet.All those hard years behind the books, typewriter, and classroom time spent in college; I worked too darn hard to make a life for my family and I.
    But, the brain had plans of its own. I can’t tell you how many times I would take my drive into work, only to turn around and go home again out of tremendous fear that someone would catch on just how sick I was. In some cases, some fellow colleagues actually did catch on and the judgement and ridicule began.
    Thank you for the articles. I must try and go through each one.

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    1. kbailey374 Post author

      That’s exactly what I meant! I too got to even the parking lot at work a number of times, and had to turn around and go home. What a relief! But what a waste, 3 years of nursing school, all the training and experience I had … down the tubes. Just writing that makes me want to weep. 😦


    2. kbailey374 Post author

      Thanks – you don’t know how many times I have doubly suffered, both from the panic attack and then from the shame attack for not busting through it. 😦 man – my therapist says I’d be so much weller if I could just quit beating myself up for having a mental illness!



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