NANO NANO – no, not a Robin Williams reference…

November First begins what’s called “National Novel Writing Month.” I think it is 3 times that I have “won” – which means that I have challenged myself to write 50,000 words in 30 days, and made it! There are other years that I have made an attempt but for some reason – distraction, depression, distraction … yes I said it twice – have not been successful.

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This is really good for those of us whose internal editor is grossly overpaid. I think I am going to participate this year but I haven’t come up w/ a potential plot. I really haven’t tried yet. I think it would be fun to use my 27 year old as the main character. Who know? I might work out some conflicts that we have not discussed yet lol…

It’s interesting that I say I am so “into” writing but I still have difficulty writing this blog. Maybe if I write it as a “fictional” (wink wink nudge nudge) account I will be more active.

I appreciate everyone who has been following, making comments, and “liking” my blog so far!

2 thoughts on “NANO NANO – no, not a Robin Williams reference…

  1. Christina's Blog

    Its almost the half way point to start. I don’t want to discourage you but pansters that sit at the computer and write their hearts out without a plan will run inot a dead end less than half way through the month. I usggest you get your plot and write act 1- what happens act 2- What tries to stop it Act 3- what is resolved. Now that is over simplistic, but you have less than that on your plate. Its better to have a plan than fail and give up. I’ve done 3. Even the one that didn’t end up as a novel had a plan. When I wrote into a corner, I stopped picked up a subplot and filled in with that for awhile. I had a plan. You may want to begin to cram for the next 18 days or so ot get used to writing 2500 words a day (or so) Good luck.


  2. kbailey374 Post author

    Hi Christina, I’ve tried it both ways (with and without a plan) and both ways I have succeeded (the 50 K, and a good novel.) The tough part to me is editing afterward. I am glad you commented! You commented before on something but my spam blocker blocked you so well I could not get to you.



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