On Praises and Storms

I know, it’s cheating when I “just” reblog, but this is so good (thanks Leah!)

Isaiah 43:1


We’ve all seen our fair share of storms. Sometimes, these seasons seem to last forever and sometimes they are brief whirlwinds. But pretty much all of us at some point ask the question ‘Why?’

I’m in the midst of my own storm and I’m very familiar with that question. It’s one that’s haunted my path and taunted me with doubts. The search for an answer has not only consumed my thoughts, it’s swallowed my praise.  

My search led me to the book of Job this morning and it was there that I had an epiphany.

Job never read the book of Job.

Ok, I know. Duh. But seriously, from Job chapter 1, verse 6 we are privy to God’s reasons. We know that God was pleased with Job and when the devil asked permission to tempt Job, God granted it.

We see clearly throughout the book…

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