♪ ♫ Here come those tears, again … ♩ ♬

Yep, survived. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you know what I’m talkin’ about. And I have hardly told you ANYthing! (I’ll work on that).

It’s a sad commentary. But this year has been super hard for me. I have not grown, I don’t think; I’ve gone backwards. But that is a miracle. The treadmill was going backwards, and I didn’t fall off the end. And that, my friends, is victory. If that’s you, too, pat yourself on the back.


Happy New Year! May 2015 be a lit-tle easier on us, lol…

8 thoughts on “♪ ♫ Here come those tears, again … ♩ ♬

  1. aknottedyarn

    Not all growth is linear, nor is it alwys forward. Do not be hard on yourslef that your life is filled with more hills and valleys than expected. There is beauty there. You need to get past this one in order to see the new growth. While here, where you are now, know that others will help carry you out of it and help you to see the growth later.

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  2. gentlekindness

    Surviving is an accomplishment when you are going through severe mental health issues. You should be commended for making it through the year. Let’s make it through another one and hopefully find ways for it to be easier than the last.

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  3. Chief Pencil Pusher

    I finally read your entire blog …. wow… compelling words for such powerful experiences…. I do NOT think your treadmill went backwards in 2014 … on the contrary, I think you’re writing more (via this blog and fb chatting) and doing more (how about that collection you helped with recently (food?) ). ….and then, your path crossed mine (granted, that part probably was a backward treadmill moment… 🙂 ) but seriously, I think you’re doing very well …. please remember…life should not be lived looking constantly in the review mirror but rather out the front window… p.s… how’s that 15-minute-a-day-writing coming along ? If you haven’t started, why not now?



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