Good for what ails ya …

My biggest struggle is with depression. I read a blog entry this morning from someone who has it pretty bad right now. Now normally I try not to give advice, but I broke my own rule this morning. Here is what I told her (and of course the editor in me had to put her two cents worth in since …):

Try making a list of 10 things that give you joy (besides TV) and then do them. And also think about what you would study if you went to school to change what you do for a living. My list of 10 things would be:
1. Go to the beach
2. Read
3. eat (lol)
4. Go out to eat (hmm)
5. Work on my novel
(boy this is hard to do! wow…)
6. Write a blog
7. Play a game (I’m cheating – that’s just what I do when there is nothing to do)
8. Take photos and then post the good ones

I guess I need to think on this a little better before I start doling out advice lol

As to what to study, I would finish my degree, preferably in creative writing (I don’t have too many credits left for my Bachelors degree)

Well anyway! Try to figure out something positive out of all that you wrote above. It seems like you are in a horribly negative “space” in your head and it’s easy to see why you are stuck.  😦

But some days it IS just as well to pretend you’re sick (one of the things she said she was thinking of doing). So I guess I have come up with some more:
9, SLEEP! and
10. Um, I do like to bake (and eat, if you hadn’t figured that out from above)

(edited to add: I should have also added, go to church, read the Bible, but I guess when I am depressed, I forget that these things give me joy. In fact sometimes they take a lot of effort when I’m depressed. But they do help)

I also have tried to get out of the all-I-can-see-is-myself mode of depression by thinking what I can do to help someone. If you are like me, though, you probably do too MUCH helping others! So sometimes for treating my depression I have to back OFF from helping!

We’ll try just 5 of those:
1. Make a call to someone who’s lonely, maybe an older person.
2. Write a note
3. Make something for somebody
4. (this one is easy) Say yes if someone asks for something ie a ride, or help with something
5. Volunteer at something (short or long term)

OK! I guess I just wrote my next blog entry!

8 thoughts on “Good for what ails ya …

  1. blahpolar

    I can’t even remember the last time I felt joy, unfortunately. That fact freaked me out until I let it go a bit. Anhedonia and depression are nasty and I’ve had 18 months of them plus mixed episodes. I don’t want to study. I don’t want to sound like a spoiled brat either, but I do ; D

    You talk/write sense, I’m just not there yet. I’ll write your lists when I catch up though, because they’re good advice. What I do instead is to count my blessings (even when I’m all grouchy etc).

    Checkitout, I managed not to curse!

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    1. kbailey374 Post author

      lol… cool, Blah, re the cursing 🙂 (you should hear my head though … )

      As to the advice, you saw how much I struggled to come up w/ the list! I thought it would be so easy! I basically sit on the computer all day lol. That’s what I call fun.
      and yeah counting my blessings/gratitude is very good – I can make lists of 100s of things. My pastor was shocked that I could be as depressed as I get and still come up w/ them. I confuse the heck out of him bec. I do what I am “supposed” to do, according to the Bible, to treat my mood disorder, yet I’m still disordered. I am teaching him as I go along, I guess something good is coming out of my bipolar after all.

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  2. MarthasMakeup

    So glad to see volunteering on your list! When I am having a depressed episode, nothing helps more than going to the shelter and giving a dozen pit bulls a nice walk and romp and love and play. When I think I’m drained from the inside, I look at the dogs in their cages and they are so happy to see someone with a leash to open the door. And it brings me such JOY. 🙂 It is hard to think of 10 things when you’re down, but maybe making a list of 10 things when you’re “up” and having it around is a good idea too.

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    1. kbailey374 Post author

      That’s a good idea Martha! I bet those dogs looovvve you!

      I could probably make a better list when I am up. And just so you know making a list does not necessarily mean I am doing them. (rolling my eyes)

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  3. pennypinchingpeach

    Great, uplifting post!! Thanks for sharing!

    Something I do when life is hard and I am struggling emotionally is writing lists of positive things or things that make me happy, too. After my mom passed away, time passed long enough for everyone else to get somewhat stable and I felt a lot of sorrow, despair & loss, I started a journal I kept for a few months. Every single day I had to write at least three good things. Sometimes it was just that my lunch was good, I got to pet my dog and I wasn’t sick, but it was something. It was amazing how much that little act helped me, even when I didn’t want to think of good things.

    Trying to focus on helping someone or something else is also really, truly helpful. I volunteered a lot after my mom passed. In the nursery and youth group at church and at special events, mostly. It made me feel good to do something for others, plus it got me around positive people and not alone dwelling on my sadness.

    Keep sharing! You’re an encourager.


  4. stephieopolis

    I keep a “Hope Box”. A friend of mine made it for me and sent it with a journal, cards all labeled with a subject on the outside with a subject and containing scripture on the subject inside. I only write happy memories and things Im grateful for in that journal. Ive also added things that improve my mood. Headphones to remind me to listen to my favorite music, funky nail colors, wax melts that smell happy, funny movies, notes and pictures that make me smile. It sits next to the bed. Easy access. Highly recommend.



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