Procrastinations are a must …

Well, I thought I should veer off talking about bipolar and religion and just talk about something that most people enjoy discussing:

Now what would that be?

One thing I have noticed is that blogging has become just one more thing to distract me from working on my novel!

Meh – let’s just look at a pretty picture and call it good. I have other more pressing procrastinations to do today – I am even going to do some housework! (She says). Now that is desperation!

6 thoughts on “Procrastinations are a must …

    1. kbailey374 Post author

      I have about 12-13k words done, kind of like patchwork quilt squares that need to be stitched together – I did do a major expansion/revision last week to submit to a lady who is going to be publishing some fiction on a blog, so I have done something lately.

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