Whoever would have thought Johnny Cash would have a song like this? But actually the guy I consider “The King Of Country” is a really deep guy. This song shows that really we need help with pretty much everything.

Here are the things that I need help with

1. Not ending a sentence with a preposition (haha)

Ok let’s start over. These are things with which I need help:

1. Saying no

2. Deciding whom I should help, and to what degree!(Those two things cause me no end of frustration!!!)

3. How to deal with anger, anxiety, and depression.

4. Pressing on even when it feels like I am getting nowhere.

5. Even taking my meds! Although with resignation I take them.

6. Asking people for help

7. Not spending all my money (besides on bills) at the beginning of the month

8. Keeping a positive attitude

9. Investing in the future – my health, my education, my daily tasks

10. Asking God for help with all these things and more.

It’s funny because when I was listening to the song I thought of several things so maybe I will try again while listening:

1. To walk another mile

2. Smiling

3. “Taking it” (life) for one more day

4. Asking God to be with me

5. Releasing the chains that bind me

6. Following God’s plan

7. Being humble

8. Praying

9. Doing all of the above with God’s wisdom, not my own

Maybe, dear Reader, it seems like I do most of these things, but really, some of the things I write are actually me being a cheerleader for myself. For example if I say it is necessary to read the Bible, I’m reminding myself, read your Bible. I may say, ask for help, but I am the worst at it lol… Maybe I suggest you pray about things, but honestly I need to make myself do those things.

Annnnnyway, I really like this song. It made me tearful, because I forget that God will help me with the simplest things, if I ask. And sometimes He will when I don’t, lol…

THANK YOU to — I like his blogs. He is just an ordinary guy trying to stay sober and help other people to do the same. He’s not a religious nut like me (lol) just straightforward about his recovery. Here is what it says about his “About” page:

Addiction Place is a place to research and learn about mental health and addiction.

I’m a father, husband, brother and a son who lives a successful life with Bipolar and Addiction Disorder. I’ve been a special education teacher for 13 years and a high school baseball coach for 6 of those years.

Twelve years ago, I went to Hazelden Treatment Center for the first time to face my alcohol addition.

After a year and a half, I relapsed and 6 years later, I was back in rehab at La Hacienda Treatment Center.

I have now been in active recovery for almost 4 years and I aspire to be an addiction counselor and a writer.

Addiction Place has a website called Self Help Survival Store.

8 thoughts on “Help!

    1. kbailey374 Post author

      OH I take em lol… was going to do a video of what it is like to have to refill that stupid pill minder with its 14 pills plus tylenol. I’m sure there are others who take more than that but geeeeeeeeeeee it is quite a project keeping track of what the Dr. needs to renew and what the pharmacy needs to refill and the fact that it is Monday night and time for me to refill the little boxes… (and it is never convenient) … And determining each week, yep this is sort of working or nope something needs to be tweaked… and deciding whether to call the doc or wait til the next appt. YAH. You know how fun it is.

      As to the song it is hard to tell if he is being totally sarcastic or whether he’s being literal. It was his last album right? And at that time he had gotten very introspective and spiritual. As I said, that song “Help” really surprised me, and there are some other songs that surprise me. I think of Elvis who was living so far from God at the end and yet at the end he realized it and was so sad about that; he was reaching out to different preachers to try to amend that but was not able to (and I am not sure what the preachers’ responses were – you know how judgmental “we” can be).

      Annnyway … yeah. I get the impression from the lines “There’s a man going around taking names … And he decides who to free and who to blame…” that Cash is rather skeptical. My thought is that God is a lot more merciful than a lot of Christians give Him credit for. But we all won’t know til that day comes … I just pray that I “get it” and that I act accordingly. I do believe that we all are sinners and have come short of the glory of God – every one of us. And I do believe we all have to repent of that sinfulness and realize, He’s a lot bigger than we are and He gets to decide, just like when we were kids – our parents got to decide, whether we liked it or not. I believe that when we repent and start living for Him, He does change our hearts. There are things I do now as a Christian that I never would have considered doing before – for example, caring about people in ways I never would have. I think that the changes He has wrought have helped my bipolar. Not taken it away for sure (oh God please!!) but made it a lot more manageable … yadda yadda yack yack yack, see what you started?


      1. blahpolar

        I thought j cash was solidly straightforwardly christian/pro god (idk how to put it) on that album. In hurt, they changed crown of s*** to crown of thorns for him, and I’m pretty sure something in personal jesus got changed to make it more respectful too.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. kbailey374 Post author

          Thanks – I didn’t know that about the lyric changes, cool. As to meds, 7 are for bip. plus I take 3 (!) benadryl at night for sleep (and still wake up!) – but due to my addiction history I can’t/ won’t take regular sleeping pills. The other pills are for other medical problems, 55 and I’m a mess lol…



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