Take Time to Rest

Do you have a hard time being quiet? Relaxing? I DO! Click this blog and listen to the youtube video, it is audio/visual of a clear running stream, and just enough birdsong to make your heart happy 🙂

Out of a Great Need

restWhen my children were babies…toddlers…even older…I didn’t rest when they rested.  I wish I had but I pushed through instead.

But I have learned from caregiving through mental illness…rest when you can…find peace where you can…slow down…enjoy that cup of coffee…knit several rows…take a 20 minute nap…meditate…pray…rest.  And sleep…a full eight hours each night if possible.  Do not underestimate the fortifying power of sleep and rest.

“You rest now. Rest for longer than you are used to resting. Make a stillness around you, a field of peace. Your best work, the best time of your life will grow out of this peace.” ~Peter Heller

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