Does Kindness Matter? (My Grandmother’s Legacy of Love) – by Kristin Shaw

Wow! I see where she gets it!

Kindness Blog

Kindness matterMy grandmother kept two freezers full of food at all times; she was a product of the Great Depression, born in 1916. Every time she saw a neighbor, or the garbage man, or the mail carrier, she offered him something from her home. A cookie. A juice box. Perhaps something she made that morning.

My grandmother was very social, and she knew everyone in the neighborhood. People were constantly stopping by to see her, gifts in hand, and she always had something in return. She was known and remembered her for her generosity of spirit.

“It’s nice to be nice,” my grandmother used to say on a regular basis.

I heard her, but I thought it was just one of those silly things that grandmothers say. I didn’t know it was her mantra.

My mother learned how to be nice from her mother, and the lessons stuck. My mother is…

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