QUESTION: Closure through a dream

Have you ever had a dream which has given you closure in your life?

I am planning on writing about this later today in regard to losing my father. After reading kelzbelzphotography‘s blog entry I was inspired.

But I am curious about your answers, too. Have you had closure through a dream that resolved or began a resolution regarding a pressing issue? Esplain, Lucy.

5 thoughts on “QUESTION: Closure through a dream

  1. kbailey374 Post author

    Peh – I don’t think my post is going to happen today. But did anyone come up with any dreams that helped them resolve things? I was just going to say, after my dad died I wasn’t sure where he was at with Heaven and all. I dreamed I went to see him in a mansion with many many rooms, marble floors, etc., and he was happy. To me it meant that he was ok, and I could stop worrying.

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  2. Bemused

    I never have resolutions with dreams. I do however have premonitions in dreams & while awake. The recurring dream I HATE the most and try as I might to fiercely wake from is one where peoples pending death is revealed.

    I am walking a path down a gravel road in a forest and an opening in the forest appears. This is where I try to wake myself and it rarely works. In the forest opening is an open casket I am drawn to it and see who it contains. This person dies in real life a short time later ( usually a few weeks). I have had this same dream for all of my life and it has never been wrong 😦


  3. Zoe

    I have no idea why your posts aren’t showing on my feed… or maybe I just scroll at the wrong time, but I totally have so much catching up to do here!

    This is an interesting topic for me considering my dreams have always been… well, a hot topic with my psychiatrist. As a child I used to have dreams of things that shortly happened in life. Weird, weird. At first, it wasn’t exactly how I dreamed it. For example. I once dreamed that the building we used to live in would be half destroyed and the next afternoon there was a fire on the last floor that completely destroyed the apartment where it started. Later, it got a lot more creepy. I dreamed my brother was dead and it turned out that his life had been threatened at work (armed robber.) My mother used to joke I should dream up the lotto numbers. These weird things continued like that well into my teen years.

    By then the nightmares had gotten a lot worse, completely overwhelming an other sort of dream. I did, however, experience a closure dream once. It was with a particular bully I had at school. I hated her so much, she hurt me so badly, but in that dream we “worked it out” and I woke with an overwhelming sense of peace and closure. Years later (in adulthood) I ran into her again and the dream itself made the conversation feel like deja vu.


    1. kbailey374 Post author

      wow I wonder why you aren’t getting my posts. Strange! Well thank you for stopping over! Wow that is interesting about your dreams! I don’t like the bad ones …



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