I Don’t Wanna, Talk About It, Part II

Part of the reason I don’t wanna talk about it is I have awful laryngitis.

But also I am doing the censoring thing; I am depressed and I don’t wanna talk about it.  I really don’t want to hear myself whiiiiine … oh my gosh! Enough!

I have been thinking the last few days what I wanted to blog about and there are plenty of ideas but I don’t have the energy to write anything.

Sorry I haven’t been replying to your posts very much!


24 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna, Talk About It, Part II

  1. Tristyn Coker

    I completely understand! I am feeling quite guilty that all my blog posts so far are all so negative… When we feel so crummy, how do we write anything that is uplifting? I wish you well, and hope that you get out of this funk you are in. Virtual HUG


  2. blahpolar

    You’re very kind about listening to me whine … we are here to care and to share, not quantify good vs bad moods or judge a fellow bipolar person based on that … blog anything you want/need to. I’ll always read all of your posts.


    1. kbailey374 Post author

      thank you so much 🙂 I think I’d be doing better if I hadn’t been sick the last 2, maybe 2+, weeks. So frustrating. That means I am out and about so much less, and not doing the things that help me to stay on an even keel. Not that I’m all that active lol… Annnyway thank you. Will try to articulate it a little more, it is just so hard to get my brain in gear! And like I said, what is there is so ughh… Pleahh!

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  3. quixotic faith

    I know how this feels! Your depression also makes you feel guilty for being depressed (at least mine does). I say, don’t listen to that voice that tells you “You are too whiny, no one wants to hear that crap” because it’s wrong. Blog through it and others will be able to see that they are not alone in their depression. You don’t have to wrap it up in a nice pretty now. Sometimes just simple honesty can work miracles in people’s hearts.


  4. La Sabrosona

    I read a post today on blogs one should avoid, or blogs this particular blogger doesn’t like. Number 6, out of 18, was whiney blogs. He said he reads blogs to be “entertained, not bummed out”. Personally, I thought that was a dismissive, thoughtless and arrogant remark.

    Everyone needs boundaries and needs to know when to step away from a friend or family memeber with “heavy” thoughts/emotions to recharge but to completely dismiss someone’s need to express “dark” emotions or thoughts is just cruel.

    So those of us dealing with chronic illness, depression and bipolar disorder get it.

    So whine on, you beautiful whiney human being you!!! Hugs 🙂


      1. La Sabrosona

        My mind is so crazy. You know the song “Red red wine” by UB40? That’s in my head now haha. Oh well I guess there could be worse things in my head!


      1. La Sabrosona

        Sheesh! Probably not a good song suggestion to someone in recovery. Duh with a capital D. What do they say? “Blonde moment”



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