Pick a number, any number

Do any of these topics pique your curiosity? Let me know in the comments, and I will write about them in order of arrival. Help yourself to a topic to write about, or use it as a springboard for one of yours, if you like

  1. I really need the silence
  2. Kindnesses rendered
  3. Write as if you have decided not to blog after this; your last blog
  4. When my son disappeared when he was a child, and when he was AWOL from the Army.
  5. Psalm 95:6-7 (discussion)
  6. The beauty of the ordinary in photos
  7. I have no patience to wait for things
  8. Why I hate speedy wake ups
  9. I have more depression since I started blogging – is it the reading or the writing?
  10. I love flowers
  11. The difference between treated for other problems as a bipolar in the ER – when it is known versus when I withhold that information. Writing letters of complaint to the hospital even though I am not one to complain.
  12. We all need help with something
  13. My struggle with jealousy/envy
  14. Not talking about people in my blog – frustrated because I want to! So and so drives me crazy, this one I love, this one done me wrong song, etc. But isn’t it healthier to keep the focus on myself, anyway?
  15. Saying yes to life
  16. being short – humor
  17. tithing and offerings, versus paying my bills
  18. “Do what you love the money will follow,” a book I read
  19. difference between a Christian counselor and lay counselor, I think I already wrote this one
  20. The book I was going to write (autobiography), Shedding shells, including using photography and onion skin paper, making a mock-up of it – the beauty of the book as work of art as much as a literary “masterpiece” (haha)
  21. How I felt it was important to tell on people when I was in early recovery (sobriety and mental health), wanting to go on Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc.
  22. Reading other people’s blogs
  23. Writing fiction – blogging a chapter at a time
  24. Singing/writing songs and poetry as a child – building self esteem and why it didn’t work
  25. sexual abuse memories and whether they are true or not
  26. Story about the woman in the car moving to the passenger side.
  27. Trying not to think/ work that hard (even because of vision issues) v. lack of concentration
  28. My mother worked on a Fisherman knit sweater for my stepfather – a gesture of love

19 thoughts on “Pick a number, any number

  1. quixotic faith

    Hi K. Thanks for giving us this option. It’s fun having input into other’s blogs. There are so many topics here that I would love to read about. I’ll list the ones that caught my eye and why:
    #4. I’m fascinated to know more about your son and his disappearances
    #11. I’ve experienced my own issues with the medical profession. I’d love to hear your story
    #14. I have the very same frustration
    #16. I’m short too
    #18. This is a controversial topic, believe it or not, and I’d be interested in your opinion
    #19. As a person who goes to counseling this is of interest to me
    #25. I have a similar story and questionable memories

    Sorry that I could only narrow it down to 7! It sounds like you’ve got some really good post ideas here. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. quixotic faith

        My advice is to write a whole post on whichever topic moves you the most. What are you dying to write about? It’s good to see what your readers are interested in and if you have a 2nd or 3rd choice that everyone keeps picking that might be a good place to start as well.


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