Blahbity blah…

Ok, I’m going to continue with my writing prompts, and maybe come back to the rest of the ones Quxiotic Faith had requested.

Another commenter (commentator?), my finely feathered friend Blahpolar, also requested #4 (interesting that that was so popular). Also requested were #3 and #22.

#3 reads: “Write as if you have decided not to blog after this; your last blog.”

Rats. I was hoping not to have to do that one. Haha!

If I were to write it, it would read as follows. “Goodbye cruel world. All is lost. Thank you for your efforts. I’d like to thank my many fans, including: … ”

Ok, maybe I would say a little more, like:

“I have noticed that I got more depressed after I started writing this blog. Then I got a little less depressed. I wonder if that is because I was exposed to issues, thoughts, and feelings that I had been avoiding. Confronting my ‘true’ religion, which is a lot less rigid than it had been. Confronting my past issues, which I had dealt with to a great degree, but which I had decided to bury. They do not like being buried but require continued vigilance and resolution. I’d like to thank the people who commented on my blog and stayed true to their own. It has been invaluable support as well as an education, and I am most grateful. I have decided, however, that this blog has served its purpose, which was partly to grease the wheels and enable me to work seriously on my novel. Not only have I finished one and had it published, but I have also contracted for two more, with huge advances! So thank you so much, little people! I could not have done it without you!

Which brings me to the realization that I really can’t do it without you. And so, with the hope that none of you is insulted, I have decided even in the writing of this post that I can’t leave this blog. It has been instrumental in my growth and in my career, and most likely will continue to be so. So, thank you again, and thank you God for helping me to realize that I need to stick with it.

My next blog post will be … ”


Prompt #22 reads: “Reading other people’s blogs.”

I covered this a little bit in my “last post” (above). You guys, in a very short period of time, have served to inspire me, educate me, and encourage me. I have been entertained, my heart has been softened. As to the photography, it has done the same. I love the photography! The way it speaks to my heart in so many ways. All of this, reading your blogs, is a side benefit to writing my own. I had not considered that aspect. Blogging is more than regurgitating my own thoughts and feelings, but it’s also about that of others. I’d also like to think that I have supported others as much as I have been supported. So again, thank you!! And please keep blogging. I have come to care about many of you so much, and if you just dropped out, it would be a true loss to your fans, including myself.

And so, two more down, several prompts to go. Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am! Have a great Sunday and first day of March (YAY!), and, in the immortal words of pretend Arnold:

4 thoughts on “Blahbity blah…

  1. blahpolar

    Very cool. I wrote #3 yesterday, then couldn’t get online. Then today I needed to bleat at my blog friends, so I’ll post the other one much later, or tomorrow. But you and I wrote rather similar things 🙂



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