How do you measure a good day?

Does a good day mean that you had a pretty good night’s sleep the night before?

That you did some simple chores? Whoa WAY more many chores than usual … um, to be frank, there’s 2 months worth of laundry on the floor, now, in bags. I did one load … and did the dishes …

Paid a couple bills?

Spent time with a friend?

Oh – took a shower!

I guess it does mean I had a good day.

It doesn’t necessarily mean I felt happy.

Or that I didn’t have some of “those” thoughts – ok I will say it – my first thoughts this morning were, how to commit suicide and not leave a mess.

Oh I did have thoughts of God, of gratitude, I read some scripture. I prayed a little, for myself, and for some other people.

Maybe my pastor thinks we all should be all gung ho sharing about Jesus but in my current and recurring mental health status, not much of a sales woman … I’m really sorry about that. I’d do better if I could be better.

Sometimes even a good day is described as one in which I didn’t drink, or smoke. So I guess yeah, I had a good day.

Maybe my new answer, when someone asks how I am, should be:

“Could be worse.”

Cuz it is true. It could be worse. Has been.

(“What?? Who you callin’ a has been?”)

Ok, and maybe I made you laugh, just then. If so, then I really did have a good day.

7 thoughts on “How do you measure a good day?

  1. Zoe

    I think that’s wonderful. I’m not very good with face-to-face either. So, I started a blog where I posted inspirational thoughts I felt from my daily scripture readings. I want to be quite frank with you. After (my former) church shunned me when I “came out” about my diagnosis, I became VERY discouraged by everything. Since 2013, I began spending less time with God. By 2014, I don’t remember praying… and even after falling into depression, I was still MAD. And I knew it wasn’t God’s fault that those people shunned me, but I was… mad.

    It wasn’t until I started following your blog that I began reading scripture again. Sometimes, your biggest testimony is surviving, while trusting God. I don’t know if this means something to you… just thought I would share. (Also, I thank you. Your blog has been like a lighthouse, guiding my lost ship back on track.)

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  2. paulfg

    It is moments like these that make blogging so worthwhile! I read your words KB (and you made me laugh!) – than read through the conversation between you and Zoe. And that touched me in a way I never expected! A laugh – then a connection – both unexpected. Wow!!

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