Spekin da which …

Have any of you noticed that with age and or bipolar and or meds that your faculties are not werkin’ like they used to? Spelling, grammar, math?

It’s frustrating to me. I used to have no trouble with spelling and grammar; it was second nature. Now forget about it, I have to work at it, or, God forbid, look something up!

Math never came easy so it’s even tougher.

The funny thing is, if I mention to someone that they have made an error in any of those areas (erreas? errorers?) inevitably I will make one within the next 5 minutes… So I don’t correct nobody no more.

Ok, talk amongst yourselves…

7 thoughts on “Spekin da which …

  1. La Sabrosona

    Yep, can relate. Always kicked ass in spelling and grammar and now it’s just embarrassing…and mostly I just stop like a deer in headlights staring at words I’ve written thinking is that the way they’re supposed to be spelled? Very frustrating!


  2. Zoe

    Considering the jumble of languages in my head this happens often. I’ve never gotten along with math. Math can stay super far away from me. I use a calculator even to add 2+2.

    My memory seems to have suffered the greatest hit. Now I can only remember things that really interest me. Names take me years. I still have neighbors whose names I can’t recall.


      1. Zoe

        The thing that happens when I’m with people face to face is that sometimes I either trip over words (especially when manic) or forget how to pronounce them properly. So I’m like “I prefer to text you.” LOL

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