Ok, to those of you who are holding out…

Yes, you people who think we don’t notice …

You think you have nothing to say. You have had a few bad days. You want to have the time for it to all come out nice, or brilliant maybe, or thoughtful.

Yeah, you people.

You people who collect makeup, or maybe you are angry and afraid you will offend. Or maybe you think you always talk about the saaaame thing. It’s okay. Say it anyway. Say it if it won’t come out right. Say it if you don’t know what will come out. We miss you, and we care.

Link back to me, so I know you took this to heart! πŸ™‚ You’re important to me!

20 thoughts on “Ok, to those of you who are holding out…

  1. fislittleblog

    Hi you commented on my blog saying that this related to me. This post is giving me mixed messages… are you saying that we all talk about the same thing but that we should say it anyways? x

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      1. blackboxnurse

        I stopped using any product for 4 years. Most creams ended up caking or collected into my developing lines/wrinkles. I have finally invested into bare minerals. I am amazed by the results. Looks like nothing is on my face yet, covers so well.

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