Day 2 of Nano Camp

Day 2 of NanoCamp means I should have (according to my self-selected goal) reached about 1600 words so far toward my novel but combined with words in my blog posts. Well guess what? I am writing a few words for you tonight because I haven’t written any in my novel.

That is supposedly ok, I was told it was ok, and I thought it was ok, so it’s ok.

But tomorrow, after I finish my outpatient mental health treatment program, I will get at my novel, I promise (who am I promising? Myself, I guess).

I have been thinking more about not being able to talk about my mental health issues, especially at church. Tonight we had one of many missionaries we have had this year. This one was a missionary to the Navajo Indians. It seemed really incongruent, though I believe we all need Christ. But I am also thinking of all that has been stolen from the Indians; I’m sure they are not too keen on having their religion stolen as well. At least, that might be how they see it.

And then I started thinking about my own situation. But it’s not just mine. It’s yours. It’s your cousin’s. So many of us have mental illness, and spirituality is maybe one piece that is missing.

And so, I want to learn more. I want to learn more about how to help people with mental illness. I have been blessed with a lot of good health, though I have also suffered relapse. Why shouldn’t I share my experience, strength, and hope with those who are still suffering?

I know that sounds rather AA’esque. That’s ok. A lot of the same principles can apply. So can principles of Christianity. I believe Jesus loves each and every person who has a mental health issue. Why not offer Him to others? And so it dawned on me. I’ve always wanted to be a missionary to other countries. Why not to my own? The land of mental illness. The land of stigma. The land of alone-ness, fear, and rejection?

I guess while I am fighting for what I need, I want to help others to fight for what they need, too.

So anyway, along with the Great American Christian Novel, I want to be a help to those I love; those like me; those who need a hug, or an understanding gaze.

Anyone else on board?

8 thoughts on “Day 2 of Nano Camp

  1. Zoe

    When I do NaNo I have my friend be a drill sergeant for me for progress. It has worked every year. Except last. And that’s because I spiraled into depression last November and so did she. Weird wave length.



  2. peggyricewi

    I’m with you!
    I too want to share my experiences of my walks through depression, especially with those in the church who are silently suffering because they think it’s their fault. I want to show them that Christ was always with me, even in the darkest times. Yes, there were times when I didnt “feel” His Presence, but that was depression drowning out the sound of His voice, causing me to be distracted from the truth that I knew (and know) to be true…I was never alone.
    My depression is currently in remission, though I had 6-10 episodes in 7 years. And in my healthier times especially, I was very aware of God’s healing in my life. So I join you in the fight against the stigma of mental illness, particularly for those in the church, but really for anyone who needs hope in the darkness of depression!

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