Fiddling with my whoosiewhatses

First off, as I keep telling you, I love you guys, my blogging friends!: My readers, and those I read. I truly do. But I am not getting anything done here, and I may as well eliminate one of my excuses right now, so that I can move on to a newer, or truer, one.

I have almost 250 followers, hallelujah! And I have a policy of following those who follow me. I try to follow those who “like” me. Who comment on me. Who even blink at me. It’s only fair.

Soooo when I open my gmail I am amazed/happy/overwhelmed. And I open my gmail many times a day.

Before you jump up and say it let me tell you that I just did what most of you were going to say: I changed the notification whoosiewhatses on my reader.

So, from now on, I will go to my dashboard, go to my reader, and read.

(Sounds good, anyway).

At least that way my email account will be less intimidating!

I really want to follow/read every single one of you! Every time you post! I do! But for now I will have to just do what I can.

Your mission, then, is to jostle your way into the proper position, so that you are within reach before I open my reader, and before the clock says “STOP! You have this, this, this, and this to accomplish before you finish your day!”


  1. Read and study the Bible
  2. Pray
  3. Restore/maintain some kind of order in your, I mean my, apartment.
  4. Which should maybe be 3: WRITE at least 1000 words or EDIT at least 2000 words or EVEN both.
  5. Which means I need to get organized and USE the spreadsheet one of my writer friends sent me that will help me to do so.
  6. I am sure there is something else I am forgetting, well, I suppose, my other “work,” my hygienic pursuits, maintain my IRL friendships, oh you know… the other not so important stuff.
  7. Am I through yet? I’ve got to pee.

Um, yeah. That is a lot more “thises” than I listed; sorry.

Anyway. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I really have gotten disorganized since I started blogging, and I need to get back into life! As June Allyson would say…

And hey! You all need to too! So don’t you be pointing no finners at me! After all, if I was writing as much as I was apposed to, I wouldn’t be talking dis … er, this way!

10 thoughts on “Fiddling with my whoosiewhatses

  1. Zoe

    You have to do what you have to do. I don’t have email notifications enabled. I just read from my dash. That explains why I miss some entries sometimes. But it’s something I adopted since my previous blogging venture where I burned out entirely due to the volume of messages from my readers that I responded to individually. I was spending an average of 30 hours a week just on getting back to everyone. I nearly died. That’s why I set specific limits this time around. Because I’m doing the mental health dance now I am a little more particular on who I follow. I have severe triggers when it comes to terminal illness, eating disorders, and (street) drug use — so I have to shy away from those blogs for the sake of my mental health.

    You’re on the right track balancing your blogging and life. I personally applaud you. Stay focused. 🙂

    (excuse errors. autocorrect hates me)

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  2. Sean Mungin

    Because of the demands of life for my time, I find that it’s almost next to impossible to read everything. I try my best to get a few in daily. But I was just saying earlier tonight that I have to get back on a schedule. For example, I went to bed about an hour and forty minutes ago…but somehow I’ve found my way onto you blog…smh

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  3. peggyricewi

    I love your plan, and am going to copy you. I’m still new to this blogging world, and if I miss a few days on email, I am so behind reading posts. Then I feel like I have to read them all, which I don’t have time to do! Maybe I’ll keep a couple favorites (yours is one) and put the rest through my reader. I can spend my time reading rather than writing, too, and that’s becoming a problem because I’m using it as an excuse – “I ran out of time to write.” But I want to write, and the longer I wait, the harder it becomes. I feel less and less qualified to write. I start harshly judging myself.
    I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to make my comment all about me! But I AM taking your wisdom and making some changes. Thanks!

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  4. DotedOn

    I also did that, I followed EVERY one who followed me, liked me… And I was reading each and every post too!! One day, I couldn’t handle it anymore… I opened the “Blog I follow” and stopped following more or less 70 blogs… I felt bad for about 1 hour and after that, it feels pretty good 😀

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