Spa-RINT! (National Novel Writing Camp)

Ok, here it is Saturday the 11th of April, somewhat sortof halfway through Nano Camp.

As many of you know Nano camp is related to National Novel Writing Month which takes place in November. November’s goal is to write 50,000 words, along with some 18 billion other novelists … ok I exaggerate but I am too lazy to look up the actual number of participants. It’s a lot, ok?

ANYway – this is the April 2015 Nano Camp, and I am in a virtual “cabin” with ten other like-minded individuals. My goal is to write 25,000 words in the 30 days, but anyone can set whatever goal they wish. I am finally caught up and even 100 words over my 833 word a day limit. I’m at 9268 words! (20,705 words total if you add the words I’d already written) Can I hear a wahoo? I also wanted to work on editing the present work but that bogs me down so much and I don’t make any progress toward “finishing” the book. So I am just focusing on the word count for now.

It’s going pretty well. I’ve never written a historical Christian novel before; it’s always been contemporary. But what I like to read are the historical ones. So why not try something I really like?

I’d like to thank the academy … hey, who do we thank when we write prize winning novels? Oh yeah, I’d like to thank my dog … wait. I don’t have a dog! (shaking my head) – well I’d like to thank my friends who like to read my drivel and who cheer me on, unconsciously or not.

So what are you all up to on a Saturday night? I think I am going to do another sprint   😀 (A sprint is where you set the clock, my friends and I like to do 15 minutes, and you write at breakneck speed until someone says to stop!)

8 thoughts on “Spa-RINT! (National Novel Writing Camp)

  1. blahpolar


    What period is your novel set in? I wanna ask loads of questions, but that’d be unfair. Glad to hear you sounding so good.


    1. kbailey374 Post author

      1850 ish 😀 Yeah I try to keep it to myself, it’s kind of a jinx when I talk about it too much 🙂

      I still am feeling depressed 😦 but once I do something (a word sprint, or “sort of” vacuum, you know the drill) I do feel some satisfaction. The old “just do it.” But it is a fight I tell ya.

      Liked by 1 person

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