How about a blogging party!

Hi friends!

My friend Lily has had a couple of blogging parties and it was so fun and interesting to read everyone’s posts! The good thing about a blogging party is that you can get the word out about your blog! And if you’re a new blogger, make sure you get out and go visiting the blogs that are posted here!

So the way you do it is to tell people what you blog about and leave your blog’s web address!

You guys are not mere numbers to me, I have come to know and enjoy so many of you! I hope to learn more as we “socialize.” Grab some cheese and crackers, no whine though… Soda’s in the cooler and there’s a great view from the balcony outside!

I’ll start us off, I’m Kathy and I write about being bipolar, being a Christian, and writing (I am working hard at becoming a novelist). I also write about random things like the weather, my favorite colors, and stress incontinence. Ok I just threw that in to throw you off, but I really have!

Ok, your turn! and make sure to check your blogging link to see if it works!

25 thoughts on “How about a blogging party!

  1. Daniel Q

    I’m not new to word press but it’s not till recently that I have been pushing my writing skills. I’ve notice a tremendous change and truly enjoy the interactions between people all across the world through writing! We all have a little to learn from everybody and I hope to learn a little from you!

    I’m Daniel by the way! check my blog out sometime


  2. mtaggartwriter

    Great post. I’ve not yet commented on any of yours previously. I won’t leave my link. This is out of respect. I wanted to say great post and I’ve done that so now I’ll click the ‘Post Comment’ button and hope many more participate.


  3. blackboxnurse

    Hi, I am a retired RN with Bipolar 1. I love this idea of a blog party and maybe as I become more confident with my writing skills, I just might join in. For now, I would be happy to leave my site and hear any suggestions on how to improve. Maybe even increase my network.

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  4. georgetownrose

    Hi, “K” and all. Just taking a little social break to party a bit. I follow your blog and find it a blessing. I write on a variety of topics, the simple and the sacred, through the lens of the sovereignty of God over all. Life, this side of heaven, is a celebration of joy in Messiah in all things. Praising God for the gift of this medium and the people who share it for encouragement to one another. I’ll be visiting you all. I write at: Come and visit some time.


  5. KatieComeBack

    I’m fashionably late to the party. I just started blogging about a month or so ago, and it’s been great to read everyone’s stories and struggles. I just sit here nodding and agreeing and “yeah, I KNOW RIGHT?”-ing along with all of you.

    My writing is a brain dump as I attempt to get healthy from a lifetime of anxiety and food issues – adventures in therapy, yoga, and way too much popcorn. Warning- I talk WAY TOO MUCH.



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