I’ve (not) forgotten you…

I’ve forgotten you
I’ve forgotten every single time you’ve read me
I don’t miss it like you think I do
I’ve forgotten you
How you’ve read me and it felt like it’s what you were born to do
If I lie enough it might come true, I’ve forgotten you

and I’m sorry but well… I’ve (not) forgotten you, just been busy and just been cooking the blog posts that I need/want/plan to do.
it’s really a beautiful song and it made me cry tho I don’t know why, “I’ve forgotten you”…

4 thoughts on “I’ve (not) forgotten you…

  1. gentlekindness

    I like this post but I actually wanted to respond to your last comment on my dementia post and I could not find another reply button anywhere. Does wordpress have a limit of replies and then make the buttons go away?
    Ok but here is what I wanted to say…

    Yes I do think that some of the dementia residents understand me better than the coworkers do and they also can have more patience with my making mistakes or not saying things the “right”way.

    When I am in a hypomanic state, I try to stay away from coworkers and supervisors, because I talk really fast and do not filter the thoughts that are coming out.
    But I can go sit in the room of a dementia lady and I can just ramble on…from one topic to another random topic….just however my brain is going. I can get over excited about things and otherwise act in ways that are not “normal” and that tend to get me into trouble at work.

    They just love the company and attention. They do not judge me for my brain going all over the place.

    It is great. I can get all my talking out and not feel judged. At the same time, they love it that someone is talking with them and “being real” as opposed to being condescending.

    People think that dementia people cannot tell when they are talking down to them…but they do know. They can feel the disrespect.
    I always speak with them, with respect, even of I am hyper adrenalized or when I feel depressed. Respect and dignity are high values to me, no matter what state I am in.

    I am sure the dementia people love you for the same reasons…You treat them with dignity and respect. You are real and act yourself with them. You do not feel judged by them, so there is a genuine appreciation of being able to just talk with them.

    Much love,


    1. kbailey374 Post author

      I think you are right, GK, they are accepting of me and vice versa!

      yes there is a setting by which you can determine how many layers of “replies” you can allow on your post. If you want I will try to figure it out again when I have some time, but I can’t remember off hand.

      thank you for trying so hard to return your answer – you are a sweetie – and you can “talk hypomanic” to me anytime lol



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