What I hate about blogging

1. When someone says they are going to kill themselves and then they don’t post again for days.

2. When they say it again a few weeks later and you don’t hear from them again.

3. When you lose the draft of a valid (I mean, not frivolous) blog post. Actually, there are two of them that I can’t find.

4. When you come to care about a number of people in the blogging world but then you can’t keep up with them all.

5. That’s about it.

16 thoughts on “What I hate about blogging

  1. lazarusandlithium

    I hope that I’m not one of those that disappear for days! I’ve never thought about that before.


  2. Kitt O'Malley

    It is SO hard to keep up with so many wonderful bloggers out there. I feel horrible that I must narrow my focus. Over time, I see myself narrowing it more and more as my time is taken up doing other things.

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