Mercy and Redemption: Secret Santa Blog Day

I have not set down and written consistently on the blog in sometime. For this forgive me if I left some of you wondering. The Lord had me going in other directions. I try never to write to my readers unless God has specifically laid something on my heart. Usually that something is for me and I in turn share with you my good friends.

When Paul posted the opportunity to be a part of the Secret Santa posts on others blogs. I felt compelled to write. It was a opportunity to reach a wider audience. Thank you, Paul for being obedient. I would like to ask the Lord to be with me as I write this article on mercy and redemption. I also would like to thank the folks that created spell checker – it saves me!  Without it no one would be able to read my ramblings.

When I think about mercy I think about something that I want to be given to me when I need it but at times I find it hard to give back to others. I am being honest here, don’t anyone go super religious on me. After a while the Lord is Abel to persuade me to give mercy to others, he reminds me that He has given it to me. I think it is important to take notice that initially though I do not always give mercy.

I believe this comes about because I have not come into my fullness in Christ as of yet, that and the natural sin in the fallen world of which I am a part of. Most of us are just a tad bit slow to give mercy when someone or something offends us.

What about the wife or husband, maybe a neighbor that is always turning everything upside down. Oh!  Let’s not even mention the good Christians at our church that constantly offend us.

Pastors being offended because of the saints that are a real deal and saints that are offended because the pastor did not say hello to me. Sound familiar? The truth is that I could honestly write a book on the lack of mercy given to one another in this world today.

There is another image that comes to my mind when I think of mercy. That is the image of Christ. To me Christ is mercy complete. Where would Israel be if God had showed no mercy?

See a picture of God coming down off Mount Sinai and finding Israel building golden calves. God told Moses to leave him alone he was going to wipe these stubborn people out. If Moses had not interceded for these three million people it would have been over for them. Moses prayers and intercession on their behalf led God to have mercy on them.

It is good for Christians to strive towards being as Christlike as they possibly can. If Jesus had not died on the cross where would mercy be? If we had no one to intercede for us where would mercy be?  In order for us to be merciful we must first love.

I believe God has always loved mankind and desires a relationship with them all. This is why he showed mercy so many times since the beginning of creation. Why his son died for us mercy.

You may be a pastor of a church or an intercessor or a parent. Nevertheless, whatever you are praying for, you must have this attitude: “Lord, I am not letting You alone concerning this people.”

Never pray for judgment or wrath; always pray for mercy. Agree with God that wrath is justified because of man’s sin, yet plead with God for mercy to come. Such is the heart that brings heaven to earth and fulfilment to promises.

Read in awe the result of Moses’ intercession: “So the Lord changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people” (Exod. 32:14).

If we have a grudge or hard heart towards someone and we do not ask forgiveness or try to restore that relationship. Have we shown mercy?  You see – the real truth is we hold in our own hands the power to give life literally or take it away.

We can choose to restore or tear down. God calls it murder when we refuse mercy to others. We ruin their quality of life. You might say that’s a little far-fetched.  Really?

Let’s say someone is gossiping about you because of something you said to offend them. Spreading rumors and lies about you. Would you be angry?  Well with that comes bitterness and judgment. I wonder then if that might just cause the quality of life that Jesus had intended for you to cease to be. In essence. “murder” – and God does not take this lightly.

Remember God is in the restoration frame of mind.

We can and must be a Christlike image as much as spiritually possible. If we walk in the spirit with God then he will cause us to be Christlike. Yes, we will make mistakes and not always do what’s right.

We will however have the chance to show mercy and cause restoration.

With mercy and restoration comes a redemptive power of love. It will unite us where lack of mercy will divide us. This is exactly who God the father His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit are: Love, Mercy and Restoration. Redeeming and uniting mankind for eternity.

Please be encouraged dear readers. I know for a fact, that in spite of what we feel see or hear, Jesus has already redeemed mankind. We just have to belief this and trust The Holy Spirit to lead us down the right road in life. Putting one foot in front of the other and daily trusting him to see us home. The work has been done.

Let’s not tear it down but build it up. Let’s pray and intercede for those that offend us and are lost. Remember they may not know Jesus. We don’t know what’s going on in their life right now. If you do get upset and decide to hold a grudge or show no mercy, please remember Jesus and set it right quickly so you can be restored as well as the other.

You will feel better and so will they.
This will create joy, joy, joy!

14 thoughts on “Mercy and Redemption: Secret Santa Blog Day

  1. Susan Irene Fox

    Excellent word. “I have not come into my fullness in Christ as of yet.” I think this is so very true. This entire post reminds me of the book of Jonah. He was so angry and bitter about God’s mercy toward the people of Nineveh he wanted to die. He could not experience the love and compassion of God, although he knew “of” it. A sad figure, and a lesson for us all.


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    1. kbailey374 Post author

      This is interesting 🙂 If you are responding to this particular post, it was written by a participant in the Secret Santa blog activity. 🙂 I can give you a way to find out who (perhaps – will have to ask the Secret Santa coordinator lol). So anyway – let me know 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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