Cut to the chase – How to block someone on WordPress

I know your parents never told you, but in life, not everyone will like you. And you can invite obnoxious comments on your page. Whether it’s because you are too good, or maybe you just rub that person the wrong way, it doesn’t matter. Maybe, God forbid, you are being bad! But regardless, you don’t deserve abuse. By the way, that doesn’t apply to me here, as yet. Everyone has been very considerate, even when they didn’t agree. Thank you readers!

Fortunately, when you aren’t able to reason with someone commenting on your page, you can block them. Not only from responding anymore, but from seeing your page at all!

Oh, oops, that’s another site, not WordPress

Here, you can’t block someone from seeing your page. But you can do something about their comments. See:

Please, valiant friend who is singlehandedly duking it out, but who has no private contact information, please take heed. I really hate the sight of blood.

And for the rest of you, sock this away for future reference.

8 thoughts on “Cut to the chase – How to block someone on WordPress

  1. Julie

    Thanks for the Public Service Announcement. I, unfortunately, had to block a blogger a couple of months ago… the comments don’t get blocked completely, they go immediately into your spam folder – but it’s so much better than duking it out.


  2. kbailey374 Post author

    There’s no point in trying to duke it out lol… if they are determined to fight with you no matter what you say or how you say it!

    Again I have not experienced it here but a friend is now and I just want to smack the dude – not my friend, the other one lol


  3. Fergus Gold Post

    Good advice that we all can benefit from – and yes, it is unfortunate that we even need to block anyone! 😦


  4. Susan Irene Fox

    Thanks for this. I set my comments up initially to all have to be approved, so usually if I get a nasty comment, I trash it. Don’t even let it see the light of day. Not runnin’ that kind of blog. I decided long ago my blog is my living room. I you want to visit, be polite. 😉

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    1. kbailey374 Post author

      I like that. There is also the option to approve the person’s first comment, and after that it’s assumed they will behave. So far I’ve been blessed to meet some awesome people and receive some great comments. I hope this other person will consider at least the limited approval requirement.



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