This Is It!

Yayyyy! We’re fast approaching an obscure little number: 190 posts!

And so, it’s time to make some very important decisions!

The first one is whether to sign up for a paid website, and take this writing gig more seriously.

The second decision: whether or not to take a nap.

I know, I know, we shouldn’t rush things, right? I’ll admit, the second seems a lot more important in the scheme of things.

After all, “paid” is not part of my vocabulary. Not when “Free” is also available.

But honestly, I’d rather plan ahead for what will be a very long, illustrious, and successful career, than plant my feet any deeper on this particular blog site and have to uproot. Seems more logical to start now with my author’s page. After all, I’m going to be rich and famoose before you know it.


Ok, maybe that sentence was filled with a little more bravado than I feel.

I don’t care. After all, the sooner I finish this post, the quicker I can take that nap.

7 thoughts on “This Is It!

  1. kbailey374 Post author

    You have your own domain name ie, you have more choices of themes, less advertising on your page, redirecting should your address move, more professional, and what should happen if WordPress starts decreasing the services it provides for free or worse suddenly starts charging, whereas w/ your own domain you have a little more control over what goes on your page. I’m not sure all that is true, haha, I need to do more research, but anyway “all the soon to be published writers are doing it” lol.

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  2. Kitt O'Malley

    I pay to host my domain, but then I’ve seen myself as owning ever since I designed my first corporate website in the 90s. WordPress is a powerful tool for designing really gorgeous websites. I love it and do not consider $100/year (I round up $99) that much to pay.

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