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Where on EARTH!

I hid something from myself. I need that something to move into my new apartment!

I did not want it lying around, so I hid it – three different places I tried and was unsatisfied. So I guess I did a good job, I can’t remember!

So never mind St. Anthony, pray to God that I find it. I need it!

Speaking of Lionel Richie …

… the picture?

Yeah the picture. I used to play the album that had the song (Hello?) over and over and over. I played that album to death.

And I remember when it was out that an old boyfriend attempted rape on me. I had dared to say no. I often did not want sex but this time I had said so. He said “YOU’RE not going to say no to me,” and tried to force himself on me. I used every man-castrating sentence that I could on him, and it finally worked. I went outside and smoked a cigarette. Came back in and we laid on the couch and cried, because we knew that it was the end. This song, “Hello,” was playing in the background.

Some might say that’s not rape, how can a boyfriend commit rape on his girlfriend? Well, any time you say no and a person ignores it – that’s rape. It happened to me another time, with someone I hardly knew, that’s rape.

Just thought I’d let you know.

And isn’t it weird when memories come up and you hardly invited them.

Beep Beep Boop …

Well good morning guys and dolls…

Before I forget: This is a link to a blog I had started before. It has two whole posts on it, whoop whoop!

So I guess I have done better with this blog, but I have petered out of late.

Been busy, but also “speechless.”

I don’t know why. There is plenty going on that I could post about. It is almost like too much to post.

For one, as you know, I am moving to Jacksonville, Florida; well, the general area.

For another: The previous has helped me get rid of my depression, at least temporarily, and believe it or not I am not too anxious, either.

MAN AM I EXCITED and yes I am yelling! I found a great apartment and possibly a great church! Whoo hoo!

Lots to do between now and then; I have to be out of my current apartment in Maine by October 1st.


That is not too bad though. It is a small apartment, and I had downsized quite a bit when I moved from a 2 bedroom 4 years ago.

Still. Every part of my body just wants to sit around and play on the computer – and then nap from the exertion.

Instead, I have people coming so they can take what they need. There is a FB page for Maine called “Pay it forward,” and I’m paying it forward by giving away my furniture and many of my trinkets; I am taking just what fits in my car to Florida. It costs too much to transport the rest.

So that thought motivates me as well as the move-out date. Helping others is fun! And having new furniture will be nice. My stepmom said she’d help with that expense.

Whoo hoo!

Can’t think of what else I have not told you. Maybe I will remember later. Anyway, have a great day and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

Yes I’m yelling again.

OH! I remembered something I forgot to tell you about.


For one thing, when I got down to Jacksonville to scout out an apartment, church, etc., I stayed with a lady, and wound up w/ a severe case of bites from probably bed bugs!

Now I hate bugs of any kind! (see afore mentioned blog, and post about fruit flies. I nearly had to be hospitalized, I freaked out so badly!) Another time, not that long ago, I thought I’d been getting bitten by bed bugs. I freaked! my gracious landlord fumigated my place at their expense to humor me.

They found one bedbug. One!

Anyway, there are also many bugs in Florida that we don’t have here, and I have heard it said that the ones we have in common are SUPERSIZED (would you like fries with that?) (NO.)

So I met several roaches (also referencing the place where I was initially staying).

Hmm. Didn’t care for them much, but they were harmless. Sooooo…

I survived my first round.

♪♫Off we go (da da da daa daa daa daa…)♪♫

You might wonder, why the picture of the horse tied to the plastic chair? Well I might answer that I have dragged the chair 50 feet and realized that I could chew off the stupid lead and go free!

And soo I am off tomorrow, into the wide (or is it wild?) blue yonder, to explore my anticipated new domane (see what I did there?) and meet up with a couple of friends who promised to show me where not to rent, and where the nearest Dunkin Donuts are (really the only thing I truly care about).

So I’ve been studying flight regulations: Suitcase sizes, what to do if the plane goes off in the wrong direction (pray), that sort of thing. Ok, I will be praying anyway.

“So what are you doing sitting there!! Don’t you have things to do??”

Yes Virginia, yes I do. But I am waiting for the coffee to kick in…

(Ok, that’s not me but a reasonable facsimile)

(which is where the word “fax” came from but I digress)

“Ok, get your butt off the chair and ‘vamoose!’

(Would you like to know where that word came from?)