In Honor and Homage to the Orange

Congratulations to me on finally achieving official residence! Who knew that beyond paying for a month’s rent with security, you would have to pay almost as much to legitimately say you belong to the Orange Club!

Florida’s procedure for you to get your Florida driver’s license and registration is not hard, if you go at it three different times with three different sets of paperwork. And if the second time you end up at the doctor’s office scaring your friends half to death in the process (see previous blog post). Yep, fun for all.

But I digress. I got it! Homely picture and all! I expect I will make a concerted effort not to be caught speeding, because that poor Officer of the Law is going to drop dead laughing …While I disappear into the floorboard in humiliation. I know, I know, they said smile, not grimace! But I actually do have a good medical explanation for it…

You know I must tell you there is a very cute joke about two brothers named Home Lee and Ugg Lee … I’ll get around to it some day.

Anyway, in honor of this great milestone, I thought I would mention ten things (or more if I can think of them) that I have noticed about Florida:

  1. Everywhere, the speed limit is 45 mph. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Publix parking lot, on Blanding Boulevard, or on one of the many “short cuts” through neighborhoods to get to said Publix. This speed limit is mostly seen In Writing but if it says something besides 45 then it is In Code.
  2. No matter the weather, people are going to wear flip flops. One of my friends jokes about having fur-lined flip flops in the winter, as it does on a rare occasion hit 32 degrees … Wait. You aren’t joking? Friends, she’s not joking. Those are fur-lined and they are worn.
  3. You don’t have to be in the closet if you’re a Christian. I’m told this is typical of anything below the Bible Belt but I am just in awe. “Merry Christmas!” is written across store windows. “God bless you!” is said by more than half of the cashiers as you go to leave the store.  Christ-mas music – about Jesus –  is playing on the Christian music station – in the POST OFFICE LOBBY! One Federal – FEDERAL – employee, we won’t say where –  wearing two pieces of cross-shaped jewelry says to you, loud enough for all to hear, that Jesus IS the reason for the season! Wow! And no-body blinks an eye! I love it!
  4. Ma’am and Sir. I marvel at it. These people call ME Ma’am. They don’t even know whether I qualify, it’s just Ma’am this, Ma’am that. When I pointed the “ma’am” out to a couple of ladies, both of them said their mamas would be disappointed in them if they did otherwise. Wow, up North, I’m sorry, but most people don’t seem to care what their mamas would say. Not. One. Whit.
  5. They also call you Sweetie, Honey, and Baby (yes, Baby!) whether they know you or not. Again, nobody blinks an eye.
  6. There really aren’t palm trees everywhere, it really isn’t sunny every day. In fact, it seems to rain at least once every day. But, it’s beautiful every day.
  7. They don’t use turn signals. Even more than they don’t in New England.
  8. Even here, some wise guy is going to put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. I’m not knockin’ it, my own tree was up on November 20th this year!
  9. We already knew this, but … there are no Amato’s Real Italian Sandwich Shops.  😦 Just sayin’ …
  10. I like it here.  😀

10 thoughts on “In Honor and Homage to the Orange

      1. kbailey374 Post author

        Haven’t had the greens or the boiled peanuts yet, will have to look for them esp since my sweet doctor put me on a low carb diet!! grr after all that nice Southern fried and other comfort food! Sigh…


  1. Peggy

    I absolutely LOVE #4 & 5! All the “youngsters” I work with call me “Miss Peggy”. On my team I’m the only one with that honor. Even if they write out a list of members, mine is the only name with “Miss” in front. And I get called that a lot at work. Maybe it has something to do with age?? And #2…. People wear sox with their flip flops too.

    Love this list!


    1. kbailey374 Post author

      Nice that you warrant Miss Peggy 😀

      Yes I was in line at the bank a couple of weeks ago and saw a guy with white cotton ankle socks and flip flops, I literally did a double-take and I hope he didn’t notice! HAHAHA!


  2. peggyricewi

    On this side of the state…
    Everywhere that the speed limit is not 45, it’s 70mph or faster.
    U-turns are expected, and there are dedicated u-turn lanes.
    And in response to your list…
    I’m called “Miss Peggy” at my dentist and chiropractor’s office.
    I have flip-flop slippers – keep my feet warm but not too hot in winter months.
    Large blow-up snowmen yard decorations on the green grass look a bit out of place. But lights around the palm trees are lovely.
    I like it here too!


    1. kbailey374 Post author

      Thank you Peggy!

      from what I understand it is a lot warmer on your end of the State compared to mine! Personally? I hate flip flops, that little thing between the toes just drives me insane! Altho in my youth I wore them everywhere without even noticing it (for the whole 3 months of summer that we had)

      thank you for your comments! Yeah we have the 70 (90) mph here too but I kind of avoid that as much as I can. But in order to go to the beach I kind of have to put up with it!

      Liked by 1 person


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