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And you give yourself away…


I have thought about writing a blog post many times since the last time I wrote a blog post. There’s a “should” about it, of course, after all, Dear Faithful Reader, I have left you in the lurch…

And there’s the “should” of, it’s good for me, and I’m a halfway decent writer, so…

And the “should” of, well I have lots to say! (Trust me, I do!)

And the “should” of, I’ve already spoken of my paranoias, the fear of who shall see it and either use it against me or know too much about me, or draw too many conclusions…

Ok, that isn’t exactly a “should” thing… more of a should not thing. But regardless, as in “real life” – I shut my mouth  😦

Which is WAY counterproductive!!! How mentally healthy is it to shut my mouth, whether in real life, or whether in using the gift I so love using – writing!


So, in answer to the questions you might ask me:

  1. Still glad I moved to Florida
  2. It’s very hot now, but I don’t mind it.
  3. This thing doesn’t want to format into 1. a.b.c. But oh well, how important is that.
  4. No I don’t have a boyfriend yet lol
  5. I do have a wonderful church now, it’s called Central Baptist Church, it’s in Orange Park, FL, and the pastor and the people are awesome.
  6. The pastor and his wife, having met with me, and having heard, really heard, who I am, and what my limitations are, assigned me a ministry. It is sending greeting cards to visitors, and to people God puts on my heart who may need encouragement.
  7. I feel like this is cheating, not having “7 ministries” (I keep saying but was I really?), and always feeling like I didn’t do them well enough.
  8. I feel that way too with the one ministry I do have – but I just force myself to deal with that. lol…
  9. I have not been able to stay on a good health regime in regard to my weight and exercise and nutrition. My NORMAL in other words lol.
  10. I have a “psychiatrist to prescribe my meds,” she s a Nurse Practitioner and basically prescribes the way I tell her to lol. My meds are the same as I used to take up North, and I’m still basically stable. A low level of depression but better that than hypo or all-out mania.
  11. As to counseling, I had an awesome counselor for a few months (miss you Tina!), but insurance refuses to acknowledge her.
  12. So I have not really wanted to try to get another one. Probably could use one but … (shrug)
  13. My writing is coming along. During this (July’s) Nanocamp, I am staying with it and am meeting local people who also are staying with it. So I have probably 3/4 of a young adult Christian novel written. “What?? Young adult??” Yeah, that’s exactly what I said! NOT my niche but apparently it wants to be written.
  14. My son, my son! Last but not least, he is happy! He has a sweet girlfriend and they are cohabiting, yeah, I’m not crazy about that part, I’d rather they would get married first (did I tell you she is sweet? And I am right in love with her 5 y.o. son!), but oh well, I am so glad he is happy. He also has a great job that he likes!! So life is good for him thank You God, and please be with them and help them!!
  15. And really not last or least, God. He is so present in my life, and tolerant, and I don’t know why He listens to my prayers, but apparently He does, and I just want to live (better) for Him!

So I guess that’s about it, hope that helps me get on a roll with writing here. I really do enjoy the interaction w/ everyone and I hope you are ok! Sorry I have been remiss, not just with saying my side, but in listening to yours.



p.s. The title, well I guess I did not really address that part. Oh well, maybe next time. Ha ha! Have fun listening to the song anyway!