Whyy oh whine, AKA: I want my mommy!

Why do we cry when we’re angry?

(Because we want to kill something, and we know we can’t?)

And why do I try to accomplish ANYthing on a Monday?

Today on my list I had planned to try – again! – to get some insurance issues taken care of. I say “try” because this is not the first time I have found myself in tears because of these people. But what I am is MAD, not sad. Ok, maybe sad, too…

Every three months I get BOTOX® shots in my neck for my spasmodic torticollis. I found out that I can get reimbursed for the money I paid for the medicine by the BOTOX® folks, but I need certain documentation from the insurance company – which I can’t seem to get. I am also having a problem with how the doctor’s office billed me the first time, so there’s that.

We’re talking times two procedures! So theoretically I have $700. floating in front of my face like a carrot. And I sure could use those dollars to pay on my crredit cards! (I should write about credit cards. Talk about crying!)

So who am I going to bellyache at? The insurance company? The people who manufacture the BOTOX® ?

No. They aren’t going to help.

What I need is a “person.” Someone who can help me navigate the red tape  😦 Is there such a person? Cuz I am not going to get far crying! Urgh! I hate crying! Especially when it comes to having to do adult things!

(There. Ya feel better now?)

(A little)

(Does anyone out there feel sorry for me?)

(A little.)

(Good, do ya think you could send me the $700?)

12 thoughts on “Whyy oh whine, AKA: I want my mommy!

  1. KatieComeBack

    OK, how did you acquire this insurance? If it’s through work, have your HR person help, or they can line you up with the broker. If you bought it as an individual, if you used a broker they should be able to assist.

    Either way – when you call, document the date, time, who you spoke to, etc. If you have to call back, try a supervisor, and/or ask if they have a patient advocacy line. The doctor’s billing office might be willing to conference call with you to help articulate what you need. And there’s always Google and LinkedIn to look up who the company officers are so you can let them know of your experiences!


    1. KatieComeBack

      Also – years ago, I had someone tell me “don’t get sad, get MAD!” Often, the tears are an apology for being upset, and a reaction to frustration. You owe NO apology for dealing with an aggravating system! Say out loud, “I am incredibly frustrated.” You don’t have to be mean, of course – but sometimes acknowledging the feeling will help.


      1. kbailey374 Post author

        I was thinking more about this, and remembered, it was absolutely not acceptable to get angry when I was growing up! I guess it was considered disrespectful. The nerve to tell a parent they were wrong, or whatever the issue was! But for some reason tears were acceptable. Maybe crying was considered surrender or something. And surrender was the goal. Me parent, you ingrate, you useless… Okay maybe it wasn’t actually that bad but it sure felt like it.

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