Ulla – Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

I hate to write this. And after many revisions, trying to articulate this clearly, I am just going to click “Publish,” and call it good. After one more read, then I will. And then one more.

Our Dear Ulla, a fellow bipolar blogger known as “Blahpolar,” who entertained us, saddened us, instructed us, inflamed us, embarrassed us, left us. She took her life, and now she’s gone.

I loved you right away, Ulla, loved reading your irreverent prose. The F bombs, the rants, the things we all want to say but can’t. The extremes of anger and sadness. I wanted to loosen my lips, but not THAT much. Being around it, I started to think it. I have no way to explain, only that it wasn’t good for me and the life I was trying to live. So I left off reading your daily blog. I tried reading you once a week, but I couldn’t. I tried to help, but my solution being God and godly things made you REALLY mad. You had your reasons, and I understood, but that was all I had to offer. So I popped in now and then, said hi, reminded you I still cared, but was it enough?

Ulla was as out there as anyone with bipolar could be. She called herself the bipolar dyke. I know some of my Christian friends would wonder, how can you love someone like that, who is out and proud and loud and bipolar and gay and “heathen,”and what if you catch it? Funny, huh? Not really. After all, there but for the grace of God my desire and passion could be for a woman. It can’t be an easy road. My response is more a tilt of the head, and then, so, what else are you about?

As everyone, I was shocked to find out you had left us, Ulla. Let’s just say it right out, you killed yourself. Why? I am so surprised at your choice. You were so strong, so determined! You had a purpose and that purpose was keeping US alive. Oh Ulla. What tipped you over the edge? But I understand, too. When you’re that depressed, you DON’T have a choice over your thoughts, your morbidity, and yes, your choices. And you, my friend, I am sure you looked at the whole thing practically, logically. I don’t believe you were one bit impulsive or emotional about it.

Where are you now? According to my faith, once you are gone you are gone, and if you’ve not chosen Jesus, you are really gone, to Hell, with no way back. But how could I tell you that? Besides, you knew, right? You’d been steeped in religion at one point in your life. I think. Am I remembering right? And shouldn’t I have said something, directly to you, sooner, more emphatically, more empathetically? I had my blogs about salvation, did you read them? But I should have said, Ulla, please, listen to ME. I should have begged, or at least, been a bother.

Then again, maybe you did know the Lord. Maybe you didn’t land in Hell. I believe that those of us who commit suicide ARE ill, and God takes that into account. Oh Lord. Oh Ulla.

And in some religions, it is GOOD to pray you into that good place. It is believed that you can take someone ordinarily destined for Hell, and pray for them, and they will go to Heaven. I know God can do anything, does do miracles. So I pray. Lord, have mercy. Lord, the ones I love, they didn’t understand. Lord, have mercy. It can’t hurt to pray, God wants us to pray, so I pray, Lord, have mercy.

Ulla, I am just so sorry I didn’t continue to be your friend. Survivor’s guilt, they call it. But not just that. I shoulda coulda woulda. You would now be telling me, F___ guilt. But there are some things I am actually guilty of. And you really were a friend to me. You did reach out to me. Or did I you? Regardless, we hit it off. And nothing I said was unacceptable, I was in a bad spot and you were my friend. And vice versa. I really should have done more. I’m so sorry Ulla. We are all asking, is there anything we could have done differently? Something that would have made you stay for one more day, a day things might have turned around for you? Oh yes I know this is totally self-centered of me, but would you please come back?

Ulla Ulla it just seems that if you had held on a little longer, you might have been okay. ECT does not work right away, you know that.  😦 What was it that tipped you over the edge? And was it the best decision? But how could it be?

That is one thing that haunts me. Whenever I find out that someone has committed suicide, I am so sad and horrified, but a part of me is envious, because I have what you have. And that thing that I have is the occasional hatred of life, so strong it can be overwhelming,  it can be all I can think of. The desire to leave, so strong.

But what you didn’t have is what I do have. The hope that no matter how bad things get, I have a future. A future in Heaven. I have Someone Who loves me, will love me forever. No matter who or what happens in my life, I have an assurance that is real enough that nothing else matters. Not my pain, not my misery, nor the endless days. And eventually those days change, and I am happy again, and can move forward. Write again, smile again, hope again. See that I matter.

I pray, as I said, that your endless days ended in Heaven. I pray that I can be a better friend.

But more than that, I wish you were here Ulla. You are so missed. I wish you were here.




16 thoughts on “Ulla – Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

  1. tmezpoetry

    I’ve heard this name from another post. She is one of the reasons (although I didn’t know her) that I shared about my own struggle with depression and suicide. I’m so sorry and hope healing for all.

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  2. nombre de la pluma

    Now that is a lovely tribute to a lovely woman. Thank you for posting. I’m a Christ-follower, just not very good at it all the time, but as you said, head-tilt, ok, what else have you got? We’re called to demonstrate Christ’s love and teach the truth. We teach it, they head tilt, ok, what else have YOU got? And with that in mind, what I’m most happy about is that I really did love Ulla, I let her know that, and I think she loved me back. We did that much right. Or in that twisted broken wrong way that seemed right to both of us. Everybody sins, and who are we to say what’s unforgiveable or even more, what’s unforgiven? I don’t hold the keys to heaven’s gate. But I know Who does, and while I believe there’s a judgement I also cling hard to grace and mercy, especially for me. I dreamed I saw her, hand in hand with Jesus, both waving from heaven’s open gates, and I’ll hope the dream wasn’t just that. I also hope I don’t lose any more friends like that- suffering and unable to bear it. Thanks for your kind words about our dear friend.~Deon Mumple

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    1. kbailey374 Post author

      Thank you Deon – YES – you get what I was trying to say! 😀 And I can’t say I understand perfectly – but one day we all will! xoxo
      I had a dream about my dad after he passed away, I saw him in his many-roomed mansion, all marble and columns and high ceilings -it was beautiful. I did not know if Dad had accepted Christ or not when he died. But that dream was very reassuring!

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  3. Kitt O'Malley

    She is missed, dearly. I agree with you that her decision to take her life, to end her unrelenting pain, was not rash. I believe in a loving, forgiving, merciful God. Ulla knew love. That is what was in her heart, deep down. I’m sure that God sees that. I like to believe that she is in peace reunited with her mother.

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  4. kbailey374 Post author

    Reblogged this on Walking After Midnight: and commented:

    I happened back on this blog post I’d written, because I saw something while tripping around WP (I haven’t been writing) that reminded me of Ulla, a WP friend who’d committed suicide. I re-read what I wrote, and maybe now I am not so judgmental as I was back then, even though I clearly know that I loved her with all my heart. Please read, and then read my comment to follow. Thanks!



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