In response to a friend’s comments on a quiz she took:

My friend took a quiz which did not produce the results she thought she would like, regarding her “Word for the year” toward which she should strive.

I responded to her that “sometimes teachers give pop quizzes just to make sure we are paying attention. They aren’t worth as much as tests, and sometimes they don’t even count.”

“How about ‘What word fits what God wants us to strive toward this year?’

My word would be consistency – right around the word faithfulness. LOL.”

Of course, this led me to do a little soul searching myself. And already I am whining. Faithfulness is not something I like. I prefer, “Do it until it no longer feels good.”

Course, that does not pay the bills, sigh…

Notice I am not promising anything in regard to whether or not I am going to be consistent on here! Of course, I’d like to be consistent here.

It just never happens.

And that’s depressing!

More on this later.



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