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Beep Beep Boop …

Well good morning guys and dolls…

Before I forget: This is a link to a blog I had started before. It has two whole posts on it, whoop whoop!

So I guess I have done better with this blog, but I have petered out of late.

Been busy, but also “speechless.”

I don’t know why. There is plenty going on that I could post about. It is almost like too much to post.

For one, as you know, I am moving to Jacksonville, Florida; well, the general area.

For another: The previous has helped me get rid of my depression, at least temporarily, and believe it or not I am not too anxious, either.

MAN AM I EXCITED and yes I am yelling! I found a great apartment and possibly a great church! Whoo hoo!

Lots to do between now and then; I have to be out of my current apartment in Maine by October 1st.


That is not too bad though. It is a small apartment, and I had downsized quite a bit when I moved from a 2 bedroom 4 years ago.

Still. Every part of my body just wants to sit around and play on the computer – and then nap from the exertion.

Instead, I have people coming so they can take what they need. There is a FB page for Maine called “Pay it forward,” and I’m paying it forward by giving away my furniture and many of my trinkets; I am taking just what fits in my car to Florida. It costs too much to transport the rest.

So that thought motivates me as well as the move-out date. Helping others is fun! And having new furniture will be nice. My stepmom said she’d help with that expense.

Whoo hoo!

Can’t think of what else I have not told you. Maybe I will remember later. Anyway, have a great day and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

Yes I’m yelling again.

OH! I remembered something I forgot to tell you about.


For one thing, when I got down to Jacksonville to scout out an apartment, church, etc., I stayed with a lady, and wound up w/ a severe case of bites from probably bed bugs!

Now I hate bugs of any kind! (see afore mentioned blog, and post about fruit flies. I nearly had to be hospitalized, I freaked out so badly!) Another time, not that long ago, I thought I’d been getting bitten by bed bugs. I freaked! my gracious landlord fumigated my place at their expense to humor me.

They found one bedbug. One!

Anyway, there are also many bugs in Florida that we don’t have here, and I have heard it said that the ones we have in common are SUPERSIZED (would you like fries with that?) (NO.)

So I met several roaches (also referencing the place where I was initially staying).

Hmm. Didn’t care for them much, but they were harmless. Sooooo…

I survived my first round.