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♪♫Off we go (da da da daa daa daa daa…)♪♫

You might wonder, why the picture of the horse tied to the plastic chair? Well I might answer that I have dragged the chair 50 feet and realized that I could chew off the stupid lead and go free!

And soo I am off tomorrow, into the wide (or is it wild?) blue yonder, to explore my anticipated new domane (see what I did there?) and meet up with a couple of friends who promised to show me where not to rent, and where the nearest Dunkin Donuts are (really the only thing I truly care about).

So I’ve been studying flight regulations: Suitcase sizes, what to do if the plane goes off in the wrong direction (pray), that sort of thing. Ok, I will be praying anyway.

“So what are you doing sitting there!! Don’t you have things to do??”

Yes Virginia, yes I do. But I am waiting for the coffee to kick in…

(Ok, that’s not me but a reasonable facsimile)

(which is where the word “fax” came from but I digress)

“Ok, get your butt off the chair and ‘vamoose!’

(Would you like to know where that word came from?)