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I suppose I should…

I suppose I should write SOMEthing!


Yes I am shouting because all y’all are still sleeping.

You should be getting ready for church!

Yes I said “should.” (“Don’t should all over yourself.” Yes I know the expression)

But honestly how are you supposed to hear the Word of God if you don’t go to church, and you don’t read the Bible? And if you don’t hear the Word of God, how are you supposed to know how He thinks?

Just sayin’

Now yes I am in Florida and yes I am settling in nicely and I am happy! I just hope it is not that “geographical cure” happy, but just that “happy I did what God’s been nudging me to do for 5 years.”

That’s what it feels like I am doing.

Why haven’t I written?

Because I have had WAY too much to say!

You ever feel that way?

And now I am going to leave y’all (yes I said y’all) leave y’all in suspense while I leave it at that and finish getting ready for church  😀

♪♫Off we go (da da da daa daa daa daa…)♪♫

You might wonder, why the picture of the horse tied to the plastic chair? Well I might answer that I have dragged the chair 50 feet and realized that I could chew off the stupid lead and go free!

And soo I am off tomorrow, into the wide (or is it wild?) blue yonder, to explore my anticipated new domane (see what I did there?) and meet up with a couple of friends who promised to show me where not to rent, and where the nearest Dunkin Donuts are (really the only thing I truly care about).

So I’ve been studying flight regulations: Suitcase sizes, what to do if the plane goes off in the wrong direction (pray), that sort of thing. Ok, I will be praying anyway.

“So what are you doing sitting there!! Don’t you have things to do??”

Yes Virginia, yes I do. But I am waiting for the coffee to kick in…

(Ok, that’s not me but a reasonable facsimile)

(which is where the word “fax” came from but I digress)

“Ok, get your butt off the chair and ‘vamoose!’

(Would you like to know where that word came from?)