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Decisions, Decisions…

So much to do, so little time.

Well really all I have is time.

So it’s not so much that. But definitely, so many decisions to make. Who will my friends be? Where will I go to church? Where will I shop, how much shall I buy? And can I afford all this???

Ok that last bit is a topic for a whole nother conversation lol.

This week, I tried crabs! Oh my! I did not think I would like them but as I said, Oh my! I always liked lobster, fish, scallops. Crabs? Those were the playthings on a sunny Maine summer day, little mean-looking creatures climbing in and out of tidepools.

But yeah, them’s good eatin, too!

But that time thing – I am very conscious of time. I should not be wasting it. I should be recreating, and meeting people, and making decisions, and getting on with it! Oh, and writing. There’s that.

But really, I don’t want to decide anything at all.

I suppose I should…

I suppose I should write SOMEthing!


Yes I am shouting because all y’all are still sleeping.

You should be getting ready for church!

Yes I said “should.” (“Don’t should all over yourself.” Yes I know the expression)

But honestly how are you supposed to hear the Word of God if you don’t go to church, and you don’t read the Bible? And if you don’t hear the Word of God, how are you supposed to know how He thinks?

Just sayin’

Now yes I am in Florida and yes I am settling in nicely and I am happy! I just hope it is not that “geographical cure” happy, but just that “happy I did what God’s been nudging me to do for 5 years.”

That’s what it feels like I am doing.

Why haven’t I written?

Because I have had WAY too much to say!

You ever feel that way?

And now I am going to leave y’all (yes I said y’all) leave y’all in suspense while I leave it at that and finish getting ready for church  😀

It’s so funny …. or is it ironic? Procrastination.

Here I am, procrastinating on packing for my move to Florida; from making those few important calls; even procrastinating on eating, because once I’m done breakfast, I really don’t have an excuse for not doing the other things.

(Is it “procrastinating on,” or “…from”?)

(Does that question mark belong inside the quotation marks? Or outside?)

(Should I have used those semicolons?)

(You’re procrastinating again).

Oh, let’s face it. There are a number of things I could do to procrastinate even further.

Here’s how it works. As I said, procrastinating on breakfast leads into lunch time, and we all know that those offices will be closed from 12 to 1, thus further delaying my completion of those important calls!

Packing: What it is, actually, is re-packing. And I can’t start re-packing til the phone calls are done, else I will be so engrossed in the task I’ll forget to get back to the phone calls.

What I think is high-larious is the fact that right now I am using writing to procrastinate on the other things I’m supposed to be doing.

Whereas, ordinarily, I will use other things to procrastinate on writing.

Isn’t it ironic?

(Would that really qualify as “irony”?)

(Thinks about looking up Alanis Morissette song, “Isn’t It Ironic”)

So what methods do you use to procrastinate? And how do you fool yourself into thinking you’re not?

Answer quick, so I can procrastinate some more!

Beep Beep Boop …

Well good morning guys and dolls…

Before I forget: This is a link to a blog I had started before. It has two whole posts on it, whoop whoop!

So I guess I have done better with this blog, but I have petered out of late.

Been busy, but also “speechless.”

I don’t know why. There is plenty going on that I could post about. It is almost like too much to post.

For one, as you know, I am moving to Jacksonville, Florida; well, the general area.

For another: The previous has helped me get rid of my depression, at least temporarily, and believe it or not I am not too anxious, either.

MAN AM I EXCITED and yes I am yelling! I found a great apartment and possibly a great church! Whoo hoo!

Lots to do between now and then; I have to be out of my current apartment in Maine by October 1st.


That is not too bad though. It is a small apartment, and I had downsized quite a bit when I moved from a 2 bedroom 4 years ago.

Still. Every part of my body just wants to sit around and play on the computer – and then nap from the exertion.

Instead, I have people coming so they can take what they need. There is a FB page for Maine called “Pay it forward,” and I’m paying it forward by giving away my furniture and many of my trinkets; I am taking just what fits in my car to Florida. It costs too much to transport the rest.

So that thought motivates me as well as the move-out date. Helping others is fun! And having new furniture will be nice. My stepmom said she’d help with that expense.

Whoo hoo!

Can’t think of what else I have not told you. Maybe I will remember later. Anyway, have a great day and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

Yes I’m yelling again.

OH! I remembered something I forgot to tell you about.


For one thing, when I got down to Jacksonville to scout out an apartment, church, etc., I stayed with a lady, and wound up w/ a severe case of bites from probably bed bugs!

Now I hate bugs of any kind! (see afore mentioned blog, and post about fruit flies. I nearly had to be hospitalized, I freaked out so badly!) Another time, not that long ago, I thought I’d been getting bitten by bed bugs. I freaked! my gracious landlord fumigated my place at their expense to humor me.

They found one bedbug. One!

Anyway, there are also many bugs in Florida that we don’t have here, and I have heard it said that the ones we have in common are SUPERSIZED (would you like fries with that?) (NO.)

So I met several roaches (also referencing the place where I was initially staying).

Hmm. Didn’t care for them much, but they were harmless. Sooooo…

I survived my first round.

♪♫I’m goin’ to Jackson(ville)♪♫

That’s right. Leg One of my journey. Actually, leg two, but who’s counting.

Leg One was exploring via the internet:
I. Apartment rental sites,

A. Apartment Subsidy Sites

B. Regular apartment sites.

C. Roommate sites.

D. Can’t make the durn format format.

II. Churches.

A. Friend ‘A”s church

B. Friend “B’s” church.

C. Other churches.

III.Geography of Jacksonville sites

A. Blogs

B. Wiki

C. Educational sites

D. TMI sites.

E. Medical care

F. That does not go under “Geography,” start over!

G. No.

IV. History of Jacksonville sites.

A. I never did like history.

V. “Meet ups” sites

A. Writers.

VI. “Warnings for those moving to Jacksonville” sites.

A. Sinkholes

B. Weather

C. Unsavory characters.

VII. Speaking of warnings:

A. Bugs

B. Snakes.

A. I thought you said this was Leg 1.

B. Whatever.

A. Actually going there next month (um, you don’t really get the concept of an outline do you)

  1. Friend 1
  2. Friend 2
  3. Potential roommate
  4. Apartment hunting
  5. Food and amusement.
  6. Beach(es)
  7. B. Can’t make format behave.
  8. a. Whatever.
  9. Oh, the plane, the plane
  10. Weather
  11. a. Erika

B. Leg III

  1. Packing
  2. Staying w/ a friend hereup North.
  3. You didn’t know “hereup” was a word.
  4. Whereabouts and Howabouts unknown, but sometime mid November.
  5. OH – telling friends and leaving friends. That should be a little higher up.
  6. And so should praying for God’s will.
  7. “We got married in a fever…” lyrics stuck in head. Yeah, remember title? Hopefully your head will take over the lyrics so I can get rid of them!
  8. Oh and by the way, change can bring on symptoms of bipolar.