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C’mon baby, do the locomotion… ♪♫

I don’t know about you, but Mondays are not deserving of my attention. I mean, are you kidding me? Locomote???

(You just might notice that the word locomote starts with the prefix “loco-“) 

Psh! Fughetaboutit! 

So I’ve found a way to cope.

Think about it. Sunday is a day of rest, right? so why does it take all of Monday and part of Tuesday to recover?

Well, I have 3 church services to go to, plus 2 choir practices, plus now 3 people to pick up early for said practices.

We’re talking 8:30 in the morning, man!

Not that I’m complaining …

Now to some who work 9-5, 8:30 is not a big deal. But if you are like me, you wake up already feeling and looking like burnt toast.

This is a struggle. Because I have what is known as Early Bird syndrome.   I mean, not everyone gets the worm. Right? Some of us have to settle for coffee.

At the mo, I am not able to work. Now I have been told by various authorities that, for good mental health, it’s best to find, and adhere to, a routine.

Well, I have one! (did I say it was a good one?)  I get OOB when I have had qs of sleep,; an amount equal to and equivalent to 6-8 hours. I try to get to bed by midnight, which I do pretty well, but lately i have been waking up at 4:30! Whyyyyy(nnnne!!) By the way, today is one of those 4:30 mornings…

See, I get up early enough, that’s true, but God forbid I should have to be somewhere! Therein lies the problem!

After I, “”quote,” wake up, I then spend 2 hours on the computer drinking coffee and moaning. I must! This is based upon the same principle that applies to starting your car and not running off before it warms up a little. At least until I hear the idle come down. Putt putt.

Wellll, unfortunately, my idle is already on “down,” enough so that it stalls sometimes. And it’s still pretty low when I finally concede to eating breakfast.

Hey, I only want to give those “before breakfast” pills time to absorb! What can I say … wink wink

After breakfast, why, it’s time for my nap!

(Unless it’s Sunday. Then it’s called a “Baptist nap.” Which comes wayyyy too late, in my opinion.)

So how do I cope with my Monday?

I call it my “Saturday.”.

(Do what now?)

And Saturdays are sacred!