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I wish I could remember …

Now and then I get a few ideas in a row of topics for writing blog posts. In the past I’ve let my readers vote on which they would like me to write about. I suppose I could do that…

1. Valerie Weeks, my BFF who died when I was in 9th grade – on friendship

2. Dohhhhnuts… my battle with health and fitness. (hm, there are a lot of areas of “health” besides diet, right? Right?)

3. GoFundMe – the explosion of a trend

4. Losing my religion – or for that matter, – finding my religion. Being a religious snob – healing in the name of Jesus are bit ebenues (yes, that’s a typo but I will remember)

5. I forget what the other topics were. Durn it. But I will remember the important things to write about, people SAY.

6. Ask me something – relatively clean in nature, but if I can address it, I will