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Take a letter … Maria?

Is this the party to whom I am writing?

I just got done writing a letter to my older sister. Now, she does not do email. Texting. Facebook. Nothing. If it doesn’t have a stamp on it, she can’t read it. No won’t about it. Can’t.

I remember when I used to love corresponding with different friends. My friend Barbara moved from Falmouth, Maine, up the coast to Thomaston, Maine. Our folks couldn’t drive us back and forth to see each other every day (gasp!), so we wrote.

My friend Sabrina moved a whole 20 minutes away from me one year. We were attached at the hip before then. Agony! And so, we wrote. I think we even “taped” our letters on cassette tapes now and then. Anybody here remember cassette tapes? LOL!

Sheryl moved to Boston for college.

Beth moved to North Carolina for a nursing position.

It was no big deal to pick up a pen and write. In fact, it was kind of fun to find different papers and pens to write with. And I loved going to the mailbox and finding a “real” letter! To this day I am still addicted to different pens and papers to write with. If I go to the store with friends, they know where to find me when I disappear.

And I still look forward to getting the mail, just in case.

But now it’s a big deal to pick up a pen and write. And I don’t know what happened to change things. I guess electronic communication is so much easier, faster. You get a more immediate response. And you don’t really have to think about it too much (whiiich can lead to some pretty bad foot-in-mouth snafus, so be careful!). It’s “short attention span theater” at its finest. Not to mention, I have developed a familial tremor that makes it really difficult to write legibly – it’s work!

So what does one write about in a letter?

Oh, there’s the weather. Work. Church. My son. I also go line by line through someone’s letter to see if there are questions or comments they’d want me to address. (See what I did there? address?) And I always try to write something to make people chuckle. Sometimes I will print out a comic or other kind of picture that will make people laugh, or think.

Ok, so I’m not always funny …

Really, it’s the same stuff you’d say on the phone, I guess. Only I’m not really partial to the phone anymore. Used to spend HOURS! on the phone with friends, boyfriends, people I hoped would be boyfriends …

What’s funny is that half the time I’ve just sent a letter out, and that person calls me. Before their letter arrives. And I’m like, I don’t want to tell you anything! It’s in my letter!

Even though my letter writing is pretty rare, and I type it out in Word and print it to send, it’s still pretty mundane. To me, pretty boring; not much to say.

One year my friend Valerie from ninth grade went to camp. I couldn’t live without her during those brief times that she and her family would go during the summer, so we wrote.

One summer, she ended up passing away while at camp, from a long-standing heart problem. It’s funny (not really funny) because that weekend was the only time that she’d invited me to come join her and her family. Mom had said flat out NO, no matter how much I begged, cried, bargained, and cried some more. I mean, Valerie had never asked before! I was so, so angry! Especially when I found out that she’d died, and I knew that, had I been there, I would have been there for her. So much left unsaid. But thankfully, we had written to each other numerous times before then. We had that. And I know God had His reasons for not allowing me to be there. It still hurts, but it’s comforting to know that He knows, and He cares what I care about.

So where my sister is concerned, even though I’d rather just zip off an email or a Facebook message, I write the letters. Fold them up, stick them in an envelope, stick on the stamp, put ’em in the mailbox. Because my letters to her are her love language. And they are just our way of saying, “I love you. I’m thinking of you.”

And that is priceless. Because nowadays, it’s sometimes hard to say, “I love you. I’m thinking of you.”

Oh come on. COOPERATE!

I don’t know about you but there aren’t many things that drive me to grit my teeth and cuss and slam things around and … well you get the idea. But one of the things that does drive me to grit my teeth and cuss and slam things around and … is technology! Now why is it, you know what you want it to do, and conceivably how to make it do what you want it to do, but it still won’t do it! Arghhh!

Spoil my wonderful day why don’t cha! Mutter mutter …

But – am I going to let it ruin my whole day? as I give my iphone a sidelong glance and type on my old fashioned PC, no I am not. But I am still going to give my dentist something to complain about (still grittin them teeth are ya K?)

It was a lovely day. 45-50 degrees (yes, Fahrenheit). Driving with the winders down, thinking of all the lovely things I wanted to do on those “other” days, when I could not set foot out of the house. Now I can do them. I know, let’s make a list! So, I made me a list. And as the pedal hit the metal, the list flew out the winder.

Ok, not literally.

But anyway, halfway through doing the new and improved list, I wound up at Panera Bread for a lovely home baked warmmmm chocolate chip cookie (free because I had had a birthday!). And a coffee; I did buy the coffee.

And then I started thinking about all the ways I wanted to spend money.


I know, I was doing fine. So where the heck did that come from?

Well, it’s because I had to think about that new and improved list. Most of it had to do with spending my money. And let me esplain, Lucy, it’s not really my money. Number one, I don’t have it yet. B, if it’s on credit, it’s still not my money. And three, since I owe elsewhere and can’t afford to spend more, it’s still not my money.

And in my mind I see that “It’s my money and I need it now!” commercial. Although, if it was my commercial, it would merely say, “I want it now!” And I’d be wearing baby bloomers with a pacifier hanging off of my shirt.

Ok, so speaking of digression, haha.

So here it is a nice day, winders rolled down (even though they don’t literally roll), fresh breeze coming through, take a picture here, take a picture there, keeping my Photo101 assignment (“Big”) in mind … and for some reason the whole issue of money is starting to drive me crazy (what money?) Oh ya can’t be happy for one second and you want more? That’s what I’m saying to myself.

So I talk myself out of going to Kohl’s and perusing the clothes I’d like to buy, even though the ones on sale are never the ones I can wear …

And I talk myself out of going to Staples and looking at laptops; it will only make me crazy with the “I wanters.”

I talk myself out of going to the car wash because it will be $20. I will wish I had at the end of the month.

I talk myself out of going to the Salvation Army store because I already have a bag full of liber-rary books and I don’t need to buy any…

Well I was feeling pretty virtuous by then. “See God? I didn’t spend any money (except for a cup of coffee), even though I really really wanted to.”

“Ok, I still really really want to. But I didn’t! Aren’t you pwoud of me?”

What’s all this got to do with technology?

Well, it means that by the time I got around to downloading those stupid pictures I took …

I couldn’t do it …

And I gritted my teeth …

And cussed …

And just refrained from slamming things around…

Because as much as I enjoyed the good day, I still didn’t really do what I wanted to do annnd my house didn’t clean itself annnnd the laundry is still waiting to be done annnnd then I feel bad and ungrateful, and I shouldn’t, because

It’s a beautiful day and I do really have a lot that other people don’t so

just because the iphone won’t cooperate,

I don’t have to let it ruin my whole day …

Somebody hand me my pacifier?

(haha and I just remembered, I am going to hook up my cable TV tonite. If you hear sobs coming from under my door you will know why)