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Trying to figure out what I am today. Bored? Depressed? Lazy?

The snow is falling UP!

So anyone would be depressed, and bored, and lazy.

Usually I am more than happy to avail myself of the excuse. Snowed in? Can’t go anywhere? no problem.

But today I am restless and I feel like I should be doing SOMEthing.

Like, writing a blog entry.

But I have nothing to say!

Yes I do. I have half a dozen ideas running around off the top of my head, and another dozen listed on an email to myself. Just pick one!

But I don’t want to! Or, they aren’t any good. Or, my head will not work today. Or or or.

OOH! A phone call!

I must be really desperate if I’m happy to get a phone call!

Especially since (ulp) it’s from my ex-husband.

Uh oh … could be bad news. OH maybe he’s returning my call from the other day (I needed an address for our son).

But, neither. He said that a family member was taking me up on the offer to call anytime if she needed help with anything.

Ulp. Am I up to it?

But, I did say that I would.

“Help me, God,” I say, as I dial the phone.

Get a voice mail, leave a message, hang up.

Well that is my mundacity for the day, and now I can say that I did something.

(struts, with thumbs hooked behind suspender straps)