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If You’re Single and You Know it Clap Your Hands

Actually, the original title was, “Don’t read it, don’t read it, nope nope…” Referring to a post I started to read. When it says “Sex” in the subject line it is probably best for me not to read it. I started to but then I realized … nope nope, don’t go there, lol.

But it’s not just sex. Another recent post talked about a wedding and it “played” a song called “You and Me.” Ahhgh, nope, don’t play that song, nope nope. Whoops, too late, I already did.

So what’s a 56 year old chubby girl doing writing about sex and romance?

Well the truth is I ain’t done yet, and from what the experts say, we never are. And what is the area of life where I have had the most trouble? Relationships.

So I have to be careful where I put my foot down, and what I set before my eyes. The Bible tells me that and it’s been right so far! I would rather be alone, than to do it wrong, again.

So – the proverbial question is – do you have a brother? Or even a father, or uncle, or neighbor. One who will treat me well and wait til I’m wearing his ring? One who still believes in romance and roses and burnt chicken dinners being as romantic as KFC? (They don’t all burn but sometimes …)

One who wants to follow God of course. But YES< has a great sense of humor and fun! Because I do!

Have heart, will travel.

What’s you guys’ idea of romance? or how did you meet?