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So Rich Full and Free

Yesterday in my partial hospital program we saw a video that accompanied a workshop done by Mary Ellen Copeland (author of The Depression Workbook: a Guide for living with Depression and Manic Depression).

One of the things I responded to was that she said her program was geared to people “whose lives are not as rich and full as they want it to be.” I cried.

That would be me. That is what I am looking for and what depression/bipolar steals from me. I know some believe that the Lord, the Bible, and church ought to provide that all on their own, but I believe God has also trained up ad provided people who know mental illness and have compassion for them.

It is my dream that the church will seek to provide more of that compassion and understanding.

One organization that admittedly I don’t know much about is helping toward that.  It is called the Mental Health Grace Alliance and is training people in the church to help those with a mental illness. 🙂 I’m interested to see what they are able to accomplish. They are not in my area and if I was well enough I would work toward that. That’s the problem with these kinds of issues – can we be strong and capable for long enough to fight for ourselves and one another! I am grateful to those who can, and do!

Ok, enough for this morning, I can’t believe I am functioning enough to write this early in the day, lol…