Categories vs. Tags on blog posts

Does anyone else have difficulty with knowing which to use? I really don’t know. For example in the last post, I chose addiction, Reformers Unanimous, Christian, etc. I didn’t know which to call a tag and which to call a category. Help! Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Categories vs. Tags on blog posts

  1. r.Douglas

    Think of a hierarchy. Say your set a category on your blog called SPORTS. A broad area. So, you write a post about basketball, and you tag it as that. Then about baseball. That could be a tag. So could football, all under your category of SPORTS. Say the category is POLITICS. You post about an election and tag it as election, another post about POLITICS is tagged social security.

    Then that long list of categories on your sidebar shrinks to manageable, and your individual post should, when read, should both the overall category of the post and the specific tag. So your basketball fan, could go to your sports category and read only about basketball, and it helps other search your site, as well.

    Hope this helps.

    A baseball fan.

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    1. r.Douglas

      Nope Kitt, not wrong t all. You’re right. For instance, while sewing could be tagged as Craft, if your main interest and numerous post are about sewing, then make it a category.

      But remember you could post with a Category and tag using the same name. For example …poetry. Category poetry and tag poetry, because the Top Down Reader Function here at will slot your post in poetry by way of the tag. You could tag a poem both ….poetry and writing, and in the “reader” it would be displayed in those two “reader” areas.

      I’m making this too complexed. A lot depends how you want to design your site and work navigation options.


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      1. Kitt O'Malley

        Sounds like my posts won’t show up, since I use Categories, then Tags for terms not included in my Category list. I recall that Google doesn’t like more than 13 total Categories and Tags on a post. Maybe that’s outdated advice.

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