Meet Up – Before

Hi guys!

Tomorrow night I am going to a Meet Up. What this means is I have connected through a website called “”

Yeah, you had already figured that out, I’m sure. Anyway is a website that is helpful for people who want to find activities and people with their own interests. Let’s say that you jog, or write, or you’re a cat person, or you speak a foreign language, or you want to travel, or learn how to manage your money, etc. You enter your information at the site and select your interests, and, voilà! (French for “see this,” or “see that”) They send you a list of activities in your area that you may want to attend.

Then, every now and then, you receive updates in your email that tell you of new activities that are coming up soon in your area. Today I received a notice that a Word Press talk would be taking place in my area tomorrow. I know, short notice, but I may well have ignored previous notices; always possible.

So, I read the list through. WordPress. Hmm, that sounds fami… HEY! I have a WordPress blog! And I still need to learn a few stuffs!

And so, with only a few moments’ hesitation, I invited myself.

It’s that easy; the hard part is to go.

One thing that I have learned, in my years of recovery from alcoholism and mental illness, is that it’s important to occupy my time with things that are of personal interest to me. When my illness is active, all I can think about is the symptoms, or, in the case of alcoholism, my next drink.I have not had that problem for a long time so basically it is depression, along with its lethargy and lack of motivation, that cause my paralysis. It is rare for something to pique my interest when I’m feeling like I do lately.

So, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll let you know  😀

22 thoughts on “Meet Up – Before

  1. innerdragon

    Awesome! I have attended a few things from Meet Up before. There are just SO many interesting things on there… but I totally understand the hard about is the GOING to them! I have made it to a few but missed a couple of hundred that interested me. I hope it went well! 🙂

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              1. painkills2

                I think it depends on the WordPress theme that you’re using as to whether you can embed photos or not. I’ve looked for ways to do it with my theme, and I can’t find any. I was thinking, for software like that, you might have to pay for an upgraded theme.


                1. kbailey374 Post author

                  I have cut and pasted one pic at a time per blog post from a FB pic. Wonder if I could do it by uploading (downloading?) to a word doc then cut and pasting from there. Hmm, hmm. All these things I’m larnin’… (maybe the meet up will tell me)

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